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How are Ninth District businesses feeling about the current economy and the near future? Join Regional Outreach Director@RonWirtz  4/30 for webinar discussing business conditions, continuing effects of the pandemic, and near-term outlook. To register:

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The pandemic is hitting minority populations especially hard. Current data show that more Blacks and Hispanics in the Ninth District are struggling to make rent. View more information: #dataviz 

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Minority- and women-owned business enterprises (MWBEs) in Ninth District reported more difficulties than other businesses in comparable industries, though contacts reported greater success accessing federal pandemic relief aid. #BeigeBook 

Mobility measures show increasing activity across the Ninth District, including a return to grocery stores. See how people are physically engaging with different sectors of the economy on our COVID dashboard: #dataviz 

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The Ninth District economy is seeing signs of accelerating growth with consumer spending showing signs of growing confidence -- more shopping, more travel, more vehicle purchases. #BeigeBook 

Job postings are rising sharply throughout the Ninth District. Visit our COVID dashboard for current data. #dataviz 

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A group of ninth-grade students has been disciplined for cyberbullying other students based on their race, the school district says.

Latest data show that new virus cases are rising again in MN, despite vaccination progress. Visit our COVID dashboard to see how other Ninth District states are faring: #dataviz 

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Last call! Our 33rd Annual Student Essay Contest is open to all high school students in the Ninth Federal Reserve District. Submit your essay by Fri, 4/16 for a chance to win prize money and a paid summer internship! Visit our website for more info:

Since December, scores of letters to the editor have hammered the Sixth and Ninth District congressmen. But as questionable as their efforts to overturn the presidential election were, it could be far worse.


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Yesterday, he visited the Collectorate for the ninth time with Rs.10,000 to donate. Immediately the District Collector rushed from the field to the office and honoured him with the Commendation Certificate.

"Mr. President, we are not tired of winning. We want to keep on winning. And tomorrow, Tuesday September 10, 2019, we're going to win the ninth district of North Carolina." @jdanbishop .

Patrick Bumatay has only ever argued two cases before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the same court on which he would serve for life if confirmed. Most of his work has been in district courts, not federal appeals courts.

Senate voting now to confirm Eric Miller to the Ninth Circuit in the state of Washington — who’ll be the first judge ever confirmed (either circuit or district) with both blue slips missing (in other words, over the objections of both home-state senators)

A North Carolina elections regulator said that "a coordinated, unlawful and substantially resourced absentee ballot scheme" took place last year in the state's Ninth Congressional District

The Republican operative Leslie McCrae Dowless is accused of hiring people to collect absentee mail-in ballots from voters in North Carolina's Ninth Congressional District in order to either alter or destroy them.

A suspicious voting pattern was quite evident in North Carolina's Ninth District, and for that you can thank the state's good data

An odd voting pattern was quite evident in North Carolina's Ninth District, and for that you can thank the state's good data.

State officials have begun to explore whether testimonies of fraud could help explain statistical irregularities in the absentee vote count for the Ninth District, which had previously been called by a margin of nine hundred and five votes.

In the next few weeks, the Senate is likely to take up two highly controversial judicial nominees: Thomas Farr for the Eastern District of North Carolina and Ryan Bounds for a Ninth Circuit seat in Oregon.