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Nintendo will wind down 'Super Mario Maker' for Wii U on March 31st

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Published: when you buy a Switch this holiday and if that is marked as made in Malaysia, then it's Sharp Corp.'s job. Likelihood is increasing that Nintendo would end up selling another 10 million or more Switch units in this Oct-Dec quarter.

We just had so much fun playing a TV game console like when we were kids. We were instantly transported back to our childhood! Highly recommend adding this $39.99 Nintendo-Inspired Console with an astonishing 620 preloaded games to your wish list:

Nintendo adds Sharp as an assembler of its Switch console, sources say

Here's Nicolas Wegnez from Nintendo UK to accept the well-deserved award for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It's dominated the gaming world this year, so it's no surprise Animal Crossing: New Horizons has won Nintendo Game of the Year! Congrats to @animalcrossing , @NintendoUK , and @NintendoAmerica  for delivering a slice of island life in 2020 #goldenjoysticks 


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Just realized in 25 years there’s gonna be an American Girl doll who lived through the coronavirus pandemic and her $86 accessories will be a little Nintendo Switch, a tiny thing of Clorox wipes and fake bread that she learned to bake herself from a YouTube video.

Apparently a Nintendo super fan in China made this incredible The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker automaton. ??

Goodnight all the peoples, I'm playing nintendo

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is a brand new hack-and-slash adventure coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch this summer.

Giant Mewtwo inside an incubation chamber at the new Pokémon Center / Nintendo Tokyo Store that opened today in Parco Shibuya.

Hot tip that’s 25 years late but I didn’t have Twitter back then: in Duck Hunt on Nintendo, the second player controller controlled the duck.

Nintendo's mobile strategy: 2008: what's an iPhone 2010: what's an Android 2012: nope 2014: still no 2016: change how society functions