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These are the best business schools in Asia

Love this headline from the Asia Pacific Defence Reporter — I think a lot of our friends in ASEAN will be smacking their foreheads too. Sorry neighbours.

US equity futures begin subdued in a resumption of last week's risk aversion with participants kept tentative amid the holiday closures in Asia and ahead of the looming FOMC

The events of September 11, 2001 – and how countries around the world responded to them – continue to reverberate across the Asia-Pacific.

How Asia Can Achieve a Just Energy Transition in a Post-COVID World

OPINION | ASIA's CASINO BUBBLE Although Yokohama might not have beaten the house by walking away, China is proving that Asia's gambling boom is not the wise bet Japan once thought, writes William Pesek.

Experts say current cuffless methods for measuring blood pressure, like the tech found in Samsung Galaxy Watch, can only reliably track relative changes in BP @NicoleWetsman  / The Verge)

Economic calendar due from Asia today - very light

BEST OF THE WEEK | PREPARE FOR [6G] WAR Huawei will push ahead with developing 6G wireless technology in defiance of a U.S. crackdown on the Chinese tech giant, its founder and CEO has told employees, according to documents seen by Nikkei.

From sea-survival skill to fire safety — ONGC school training much sought after in Asia-Pacific via @TOIBusiness 


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South Korean singer Minhyuk from popular k-pop band @OfficialMonstaX  is loving our new limited #evian  collection selling exclusively in Asia! #MINHYUK  #MONSTAX  Experience our #evianwaterwater  journey through the French Alps via augmented reality at !

NEW: probably the most important Covid chart I’ve made As Delta goes global, it’s a tale of two pandemics, as the heavily-vaccinated Western world talks of reopening while deaths across Africa and Asia soar to record highs My story with @davidpilling 

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Today, Taiwan celebrates the first same-sex weddings in Asia. As of 10 am local time, 166 same-sex couples had already registered their marriages

Breaking News: The virus came to the New York area mainly from Europe, not Asia, genetic analysis shows, arriving weeks before the first confirmed case

EXCLUSIVE: Jared Kushner arranged an investor meeting on the sidelines of Pres. Trump's 2017 trip to Asia. Immediately after, I FOIAed information about the agenda + attendees. The estimate for when we'll get it? July 2021. The full story:

“The Simpsons doesn’t predict the future...there’s just so many episodes...” May 6, 1993: A Simpsons episode plot has the town of Springfield getting sick with a flu that originates in Asia. While the town begs for a vaccine, murder bees show up.

Samsung is rolling out new @BTS_twt-themed  phones and earbuds

Our planet is battling the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. At various levels, governments and people are trying their best to combat it. South Asia, which is home to a significant number of the global population should leave no stone unturned to ensure our people are healthy.

Not many people know this, but Medicare-for-all is the only thing that costs money. Keeping a military presence in central Asia is actually free, thanks to a bunch of coupons the Pentagon cut out in the 70s.