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If you have nightmares all the time, they may be bad for you. But having a bad dream while you sleep could also be doing you some good

Get into #DreamDiary , a series exploring dreams, nightmares, and what happens when they bleed into real life:

PTSD symptoms can include: nightmares, frightening thoughts, persistent feelings of fear, avoidance behaviors and flashbacks. PTSD and Cancer

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If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of Orlando, and if you can’t spend the money, stay out of competition with $NFLX. As $DIS prepares to reopen, will families stay home and stream? Let @GuyAdami  & me know - are theme parks the happiest place on Earth, or sweaty nightmares?

@Samir_Madani  When I was a kid, I had nightmares about this black dancing cat in the Soviet version of Mary Poppins... and never really got over it.

States and cities are facing fiscal nightmares, yet high-grade municipal bond portfolios have been among the best places for investors to find income


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I got nightmares on the inside

I used to get nightmares watching scooby doo. Not anymore.

If you're sleeping wake up.The nightmares are trying get rid of the dreamers. Let us band together, turn the light on for those w/ no vision

Follow ya dreams.... Fuck the nightmares !

The nightmares liberals have over Trump are nothing compared to the dictatorships they forced others to live under

waking up from nightmares doesn't get better as you get older.

I was in NYC on 9/11. I watched the towers fall. I saw people jump out of the towers. I lost people I loved. I have nightmares to this day. I damn well remember. I will never forget. The attacks by Trump against Ilhan Omar incite violence. Despicable Donald. #IStandWithIlhan 

The Philadelphia Eagles have selected Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares (Intro)” as their intro music for the 2018 Super Bowl

This little boy has autism, and his dog knows exactly how to make his nightmares stop and calm him down ??

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