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“I’ve never been to Alabama,” said Oscar Clériga, a broadcaster in Mexico City and Nick Saban fan. “It’s one of my dreams.” Meet the voice bringing SEC football to 17 Latin American countries:

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A private jet and a recent rule change helped clear Nick Saban of the University of Alabama to coach his football team only three days after a positive coronavirus test.

Hugh Freeze’s up-tempo/RPO system beat Bama twice and got Nick Saban to re-think his offensive philosophy. Now, that Freeze is piling up wins at #Liberty  and beating ACC teams, how long before some AD tries to bring the ex #OleMiss  coach back to Power 5?

3 tests, a private jet, and a recent rule: How Nick Saban made it to kickoff

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They used the Alabama private jet to get a sample from Nick Saban’s nose to a lab in Mobile. And that got him cleared to coach this past weekend.

How Nick Saban’s change of philosophy turned the SEC into a passing league ; Excellent piece by Stew here👇

Nick Saban will be back on the sideline for Saturday's game between No. 2 Alabama and No. 3 Georgia.

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Nick Saban giving the Aflac duck COVID-19


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So this is how Nick Saban opened his news conference.

Nick Saban voiced his opinion about Alabama's schedule.

The debate is over. Nick Saban is the greatest coach in college football history.

Nick Saban was a football genius ... even at age 15. (via @E60 )

Nick Saban and the Tide after getting the final spot in the playoff...

Nick Saban got emotional when asked about Jalen Hurts' comeback

Nick Saban responded critically to a question about his QBs after Alabama's win.

History and Nick Saban say LeBron James is going all the way this year. ?

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Nick Saban's legacy grows: • 5 national titles • Unbeaten in national championship games • 100 wins at Alabama

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