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The FCC has released its communications status report for areas affected by Hurricanes Ida and Nicholas for September 19: #Ida  #Nicholas 

Tropical storm Nicholas knocks out power for more than 500,000 Texas homes

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‘The Italians have never been especially keen on liberty, and as a result liberty has never flourished in Italy.’ ✍️ Nicholas Farrell

Protests in Italy against 'Il Green Pass' have been pathetic, ✍️ Nicholas Farrell

nicholas'>Hurricane Nicholas caused the temporary shutdown of crude and fuel pipelines, as well as power outages in #Texas  Credit: Follow us on Telegram:

A UPS driver was captured on video in Texas putting packages in plastic bags to protect them from Nicholas’ heavy rain in the area.

Nicholas Moore has been chosen to oversee a review of the regulators charged with monitoring the most powerful companies in the country. It’s a far cry from where the banking titan found himself a few years ago — fronting the banking royal commission.

More or less the only activities the unvaccinated are allowed to do outside their homes are shopping – and mass. ✍️ Nicholas Farrell on Italy’s vaccine passports

💉🛂 ‘Many Italians have never been especially keen on liberty. This explains why this removal of the basic liberties of unvaccinated Italians is so hugely popular.’ ✍️ Nicholas Farrell

Afternoon fades to night across the region as the remnants of Tropical System Nicholas drift across the region. The majority of the precipitation has ended but scattered showers and thunderstorms will remain possible through the night. #arwx 


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🚨A Stanford spokesperson tells me the school will NOT move forward with the investigation into Nicholas Wallace for making fun of the Federalist Society because he engaged in protected speech. The hold on his diploma has allegedly been lifted. Background:

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Nicholas Slatten, pardoned by Trump was convicted for life for his role in the killing of 14 Iraqi civilians including 10 men 2 women 2 boys. Slatten was the first to fire killing Ahmed al Rubia’y an aspiring doctor who was driving his mother to an appointment per @TheJusticeDept 

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Trump granted full pardons to Nicholas Slatten, Paul Slough, Evan Liberty, and Dustin Heard, the contractors who “fired live ammunition and threw grenades into Nisour Square, a busy traffic roundabout in Baghdad, killing 14 unarmed Iraqi civilians.”

Nicholas Winton saved almost 700 Jewish children from the Nazis during WW2. Years later, he was invited on a talk show. He had no idea the people in the audience were the survivors. This is the exact moment they told him. A real life superhero.?❤️

UNBELIEVABLE fielding from Nicholas Pooran! ?? That is absolutely sensational. The best save in IPL history? ? #Dream11IPL  ? Watch live ? ? Scorecard ?

Princeton University has named its first black valedictorian in the school's 274-year history -- Nicholas Johnson, a Canadian student majoring in operations research and financial engineering.

Today we are proud to partner with our friend nicholas'>Sanyu Nicholas on a new merch range in which 100% of profits will benefit @MPJInstitute  , now live on . We are proud to stand alongside you while making a difference in our world –– thank you for your support.

It’s kind of amazing that reporters aren’t digging into exactly how much the WP and CNN paid to make the nicholas'>Covington Catholic Nicholas Sandmann’s suit go away. The fact they settled is tacit acknowledgement that their coverage was biased and wrong. Some settlements are ok I guess.