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‘We’re in Cold War 2 – China is the Soviet Union’s heir. India under PM Modi is very close to the USA’ Niall Ferguson, a renowned historian and authority on geopolitics, spoke with TOI about China, India-USA, Trump, Putin – and Cold War 2.

On the weekend the AFL grand final was supposed to be the MCG, niall'>Jake Niall has a 'thank you' message for the sunshine state. | OPINION @agerealfooty 

And if you’re on the right, fine, pick up some niallFerguson bullshit about how western imperialism was actually benevolent and good and chill. You’ll have way more fun with that than u will whatever Trump’s commission ends up endorsing

She picked a boy and he liked it. IE 🎶🙌 Niall Horan credits Katy Perry for his career. “If Katy didn’t put me through in my audition I wouldn’t be here. That’s a fact.” Asked if Katy is aware of her impact on him “She is fully aware of that and she prides herself on it!”

#OneDirection: Niall Horan gives 'PROMISE' if his album reaches huge streaming milestone

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Joining Ellen Fanning is CEO of the Property Industry Foundation Kate Mills, Professor of Epidemiology at UNSW Mary-Louise McLaws, Professor of Food Sustainability at Charles niall blair'>Sturt Niall Blair , and Editor of the 7AM podcast Osman Faruqi. #TheDrum 

There’s more about Niall RuthCox’s challenge to NC for forcibly sterilizing her in John Railey’s important book: (Last I knew, in 2015, Cox was alive but did not want to be interviewed.) @RiaTabaccoMar 

Niall of the Nine Hostages, the incredibly fertile Irish warlord, is thought to have 3 million descendants worldwide. Could you be one of them? #IrshHistory 

#OneDirection: Niall Horan on why he 'DIDN'T write much music' in former band

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"In 34 years in HR, I have never seen such a radical transformation at such speed," writes Niall Eyre