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How India law stops NGOs distributing essential Covid aid

Direct from India's COVID Hell -- If you know anyone who in international aid or public health — churches, govt, NGOs, please send the link to this email I got from India about the desperate need for hospital beds.

260 more concentrators airlifted to the Indian Red Cross Society in New Delhi as part of contributions by several NGOs: High Commission of India in London

People periodically ask me how to help India with the pandemic. There are many NGOs doing heroic work in India, and one is @BarefootCollege , whose founder, Bunker Roy, has himself been diagnosed with Covid. Info on how to help: And get well, Bunker!

Vaccinations slowing in 2nd wave hotspots | Why India’s 2nd covid wave has been deadlier | Godrej Consumer Product’s CEO pick sparks new hope for investors | Why NGOs fight Covid with their hands tied

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@emirates  says it will allow NGOs & humanitarian organizations to utilize vacant space on board 95 of its flights to India to ship #COVID  relief materials for free. @JudeSannith24  finds out just how much cargo this is and how it will help.

Twitter donates USD 15mn to three NGOs to help India battle COVID-19 TzCCHMpPln#Twitter  #covid19india  #covidwarrior 

@emirates  . will offer cargo capacity free of charge on an “as available” basis on all of its flights to nine cities in India, to help international NGOs deliver relief supplies rapidly to where it is needed #Dubai .

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Various NGOs and other social organisations in India, soon could list on social stock exchanges and raise funds like as corporates. #SEBI ’s Technical group submits its recommendations. SEBI seeks comments from the public on this report.

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As gov't services collapse, small businesses, startups and NGOs in India have stepped in to try and plug some of the many gaps in public healthcare and support services 👇


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A subplot in India’s unbearable Covid outbreak is that the Modi government has made it much, much harder to get foreign donations to Indian NGOs, in part to starve environmental & civil-society groups. The new rules kicked in March 31 of this year:

Indian-American group of doctors have launched a free telemedicine helpline for #COVID19  patients in India. They have tied up with two local NGOs - Aashtha and Asha – to support this cause.

Just in | Sun Microsystems co-founder #VinodKhosla  has offered to help fund hospitals in India that need funding to import bulk planeloads of oxygen or supplies into India to increase supply. He has asked public hospitals as well as NGOs to reach out to him. #OxygenShortage 

100 new Sainik schools will be set up in partnership with NGOs, private schools, and states. We would be introducing the legislation this year to implement the setting-up of Higher Education Commission of India: FM Nirmala Sitharaman. #Budget2021 

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The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet appealed to India to review the FCRA and its compliance with international human rights norms, and regretted that it was being “used to deter or punish NGOs for human rights reporting”.

Modi regime has hit break-India forces where it kills. Thus, the war of survival. * Banning 1,000s of NGOs used for laundering, conversions, destabilising Republic. * Junking Article 370 and opening domicile, getting CAA, reversing course of demographic war. * Sword of UCC, NRC.

FCRA action slashes cash flow to conversion, scuttle-India NGOs. 2G, NH, mandir etc boiling over in court. Jihad in check, triple talaq, polygamy under legal attack. Unsurprisingly, shadowy ecosystem of netas, judges, priests activated, speaking same language. #ChurchTargetsModi 

FCRA licences of 20,000 NGOs cancelled for violations. Possibly India's biggest scam, running for decades. Some work directly against nation

Oppose Modi, but don't fall into anti-India trap. Dark powers often work against a nation through foundations, NGOs seminar circuit, media