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#BBC caught red-handed. Professor Jeffrey Sachs, a senior UN advisor, slammed BBC for totally ignoring Western#humanrights  abuses and framing the argument against China during an "absolutely bizarre" Newsnight debate on Wed night.

'Insult to voters!' Nicola Sturgeon shamed after snubbing BBC Newsnight election special

'Insult to voters!' Nicola Sturgeon shamed after snubbing BBC Newsnight election special #nicolasturgeon 

Appearing on BBC Newsnight, the comedian and Chelsea fan was asked by host Emily Maitlis about his thoughts on the ESL

Football dominating the news reminds of Newsnight sending @xtophercook  to cover FIFA, FIFA not letting Chris in and the bemused faces in the gallery that night as it emerged Chris was basically reporting live from a roundabout, outside the meeting, in Switzerland.

The Lobbying Act 2014 is "a rubbish piece of legislation" says @ciaranmartinoxf  #Newsnight 

Prince Andrew's aides were 'happy' with Newsnight interview and mystified by backlash

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BBC Newsnight guest questions whether museums will become Covid ‘memorials’

BBC Newsnight: Expert warns Covid variant could see in lockdown easing reverse

BBC Newsnight: Russia plans ‘mass intrusion into Ukraine’ warns ex-Georgia president


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David Bowie died three years ago today. FROM THE ARCHIVES: Speaking to Newsnight in 1999, he predicted the internet was going to have "unimaginable" effects on society and "change the state of content" forever Watch the interview here: | #newsnight  #tbt 

The @BBC  should be proud of the award-winning journalism of @maitlis , her forensic analysis, commitment to speak truth to power and call politicians of all parties to account. Maitlis presents Newsnight, not the News. Her voice, her views, deserve more respect from her employers.

"I am sorry but if you are a white man you don't get to define what racism is" : Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie#newsnight 

Newsnight opens with "Labour are going to renationalise water, mail, rail and buses ... radical stuff." My first thought -- all that stuff is nationalised in Ireland and people don't think we're some kind of radical socialist republic.

If you feel that introduction by @maitlis  on last night's Newsnight was simply an accurate summation of the situation, as I do, you can complain about her caution and removal here:

Examples of yesterday’s linear TV audience - our prog 288,000 Newsnight 297,000 Sky News 70,000. Yet our *digital* figures are 12.5 million a month. Across 2019 we had 150 million views for our original stories & interviews which people bring to us BECAUSE of the tv show.

You start off chasing ratings by using ignorant grifters to ‘balance’ experts in TV & radio ‘debates’. You end up with Nigel Farage talking about Coronavirus on Newsnight.

@evanHD  isn't happy with this potential change of tone on freedom of movement.. #brexit  #newsnight