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Donald Trump "is in my lifetime the best President that I've seen." @KenPaxtonTX  reacts to receiving the 45th President's endorsement for Texas Attorney General. [with @JohnB_ Newsmax on Newsmax TV: ]

Newsmax cuts away from Officer Fanone's testimony and airs guest blaming 'BLM and antifa' for Capitol riot

Will today's 1/6 hearing break through the far-right TV fortress? More specifically, will Fox News, Newsmax and One America News show the hearing wall-to-wall, the way a serious probe into an insurrection should be treated? Signs point to no...

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Fox News and Newsmax ARE carrying the beginning of the 1/6 hearing, including the sickening montage of widespread violence and hatred that day. One America News is ignoring the hearing.

Rep. Byron Donalds told Newsmax on Monday that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot should resign after doubling down on her ''no white reporter'' interview policy.

Now in the second hour of 1/6 hearing. Fox News and Newsmax are still carrying the officer testimony live. One America News is still ignoring it. The broadcast nets are providing special coverage to stations, but some big NBC and CBS stations are sticking with regular programming

Just heard a guest on Newsmax call the Capitol attack the "January 6 situation" while blasting Dems for creating a "diversion."  Then the anchor sympathized with a recently-sentenced rioter and said the bipartisan committee is not "remotely bipartisan." It's gonna be a long day

The Biden administration's actions toward Cuba in the wake of the communist government's arrests and mass trials as a response to widespread protests for liberty are ''meaningless,'' Sen. Marco Rubio tells Newsmax.

#WakeUpAmerica ! ☀ Rep. Brian Babin of Texas joins Newsmax this morning wit @finnertyfiles  and guest co-h @mercedesschlappst  . WATCH LIVE:

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Newsmax Host Says He's Happy U.S. Men's Basketball Team Lost at Olympics: 'Whiny, Overpaid Social Justice Warriors'


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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) just promised Newsmax to introduce articles of impeachment against Joe Biden on Jan. 21.

Speaking of election lies, I’m reminded that Dominion has sent “preservation” notices to the following, telling them to preserve all relevant documents and communication: Melissa Carone Maria Bartiromo Lou Dobbs Greg Kelly Sean Hannity Rush Limbaugh Newsmax OAN Fox News...

ELECTION INTEGRITY: "Here in Nevada - we have found and just referred to DOJ - 3,062 people who violated residency requirements in Nevada," @RichardGrenell  tells Newsmax TV's @stinchfield1776 .

Rudy Giuliani will be on Greg Kelly Reports. 7:15 P.M. @newsmax 

Yesterday’s news conference being broadcast in full now on @Newsmax . Enjoy!

Lawyers now on @newsmax , @OANN  & maybe @FoxNews . An open and shut case of voter fraud. Massive numbers!

Getting ready to land in Florida. BIG CROWD! Live on various networks: @OANN , @cspan , @newsmax  and others!!!

Watch @OANN , @newsmax , @cspan . Just arrived in Pennsylvania. Enjoy!

See you in Sanford, Florida, tonight for a Big Rally. Covered Live on @OANN , @newsmax  and @cspan . Enjoy!!!

@FoxNews  weekend afternoons is the worst! Getting into @CNN  and MSDNC territory. Watch @OANN  & @newsmax  instead. Much better!