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Bolt is such a gutless wonder. He maintained the code of silence when James Murdoch called out NewsCorp’s biased Australian climate coverage during the bushfires. But now drops a bucket on him when he’s out the door. #MurdochRoyalCommission 

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NewsCorp turns to NYTimes to print WSJ, NY Post in New York.

ICYMI: @acccgovau  chairman Rod Sims this morning on the relaunched @AAPNewswire  - he says its important it survives as an independent news source and the watchdog's keeping an eye on NewsCorp's new wire service... listen here from 20'30:

Let’s be clear, I don’t share the Murdoch’s centre right view of the world, but their readers aren’t stupid & factor that in. NewsCorp employ more journalists who break stories in the public interest than anyone else. And before you @ me @theTiser  had more cracks at me than you

@indaily  continues to surge up the Nielsen news website rankings... July figures have us as the 23rd most-read site in Australia, now just three spots behind NewsCorp’s AdelaideNow

no, newscorp hasn't been for years. (sorry, that was just sitting there)

James was NewsCorp’s snr UK exec when hacking scandal broke. His lack of remorse didn't help company’s cause. Appearances at parlty cttees a disaster. 1/2


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Murdoch's NewsCorp controls almost all of Australia's daily newspapers, which frame our public debate. There's no doubt James Murdoch's resignation is a major public interest story, but not a word in today's papers. Here's what they covered instead... #MurdochRoyalCommission 

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The NewsCorp formula for fmr PMs: Shut up about Murdoch's abuses of power and you'll be rewarded with positive puff like Gillard and Abbott. Speak out, like Turnbull and me, and they come after you with a rolling campaign of delegitimisation. Sorry Rupert, still not interested.

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison could free Assange from Belmarsh prison if he wanted to, James Ricketson tells Newscorp. The Australian filmmaker was freed from prison in Cambodia after Australia's government made representations on his behalf.

#BREAKING : Police have visited the Sydney seminary where George Pell is currently staying. It follows reports by NewsCorp the Cardinal is being investigated over fresh child abuse allegations @Eliza_Rugg9  #9News 

Social media users reveal that paragraphs in a letter purportedly written by a senior Yolngu Elder and published in a NewsCorp blog by columnists Andrew Bolt can be found near verbatim in an unrelated website and an academic paper.

#EXCLUSIVE : Yolngu Warramiri Tribal Chief says he did not author a letter attributed to him in a column published by Newscorp columnist Andrew Bolt on Sunday.

Last week I called for #MurdochRoyalCommission  into Oz media ownership & Murdoch’s abuse of his growing monopoly. Murdoch has now launched customary anti-Rudd jihad through NewsCorp. Reason: they’re petrified of a RC. Here’s a sample of his fair and balanced ‘13 election coverage

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Thing is this would never have happened without the Sky/Newscorp claquosphere of the angry right. Creates a delusionary bubble in which climate change is bunk, anyone off-white is a threat and Turnbull is a leftist. just nuts but bolsters the self-belief of the likes of Dutton.

Six years ago Newscorp bought MySpace for $580 million. Last week they sold it for $35 million. Today I saw it on eBay for 88 bucks.