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Facebook has rolled out a new policy, similar to Google and YouTube, on political content masquerading as news. The policy targets self-identified news publishers that are led by, owned by or “structurally tied” to political entities:

Social media acquisition price tags: LinkedIn: $26.2 billion (Microsoft) YouTube: $1.65 billion (Google) Tumblr: $1.1 billion (Yahoo) Instagram: $1 billion (Facebook) MySpace: $580 million (News Corp) Vine: $30 million (Twitter)

After their first press conference was censored, the group held a second press conference the following day, blasting Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. ⚠️ Twitter has CENSORED my website! ✅ Visit 𝐌𝐞𝐫𝐜𝐨𝐥𝐚.𝐜𝐨𝐦 to read this and more news articles.

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The convention, set for Aug. 17 to 20, will air live nightly on cable news starting at 9 p.m. It will also be streaming on YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.

Quick hit: Jason Calacanis Explains His Position on Microschools | ABC7 News Bay Area via @YouTube 

Kochie's Essentials: the small business news you need to know via @YouTube 

It's Never Too Late to Start Your YouTube Career via WSJ #news  #WSJ 


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Some News: WHEN THEY SEE US is now available in front of @netflix ’s paywall for free. 13TH too. And it’s also on Youtube now. Billboards for both are now up in NYC + LA. @ParamountMovies  has made SELMA free on all its platforms. Plus, FX + BET will air it on Juneteenth. 🖤

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Pregnant YouTube Star Nicole Thea has died at the age of 24. Her family confirmed the heartbreaking news on her Instagram and shared that Nicole's unborn son had also passed away. 💔

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BREAKING NEWS: @gregjames  has let me have a WILDCARD entry in Radio 1’s Big Sheep Dash. Tune in tomorrow at 8am to @BBCR1  or watch on YouTube to see how Frank Rampard gets on. Cmon the Rams #R1Sheep 

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Okay bored of constant news articles... I'm not dating Leona ... My YouTube channel isn't for a solo career and I didn't insult Kim k...Pow!

Blocked in Iran - Facebook - Google (many services) - YouTube - Twitter - Reddit - Instagram (intermittent) - Tumblr - Netflix - Flickr - Wordpress - BBC - Voice of America - Al-Arabiya - Fox News - CBS News - Haaretz - Times of India - The Daily Mail - Rolling Stone - The Onion

% of US adults who get news on Facebook 43% (yikes) YouTube 21% Twitter 12% Instagram 8% LinkedIn 6% Reddit 5% Snapchat 5% WhatsApp 2% Tumblr 1% Pew

I've received several death threats recently. I usually never bring them up, they happen fairly often However in the past two weeks I have flagged an overt death threat against me and Youtube still has not removed it What did they remove? My commentary on a news worthy event

As folks catch up on the news of YouTube temporarily suspending the account of Infowars’ Jerome Corsi for false smears against survivors of a school schooling, re-familiarize yourself with the role he played in 2004 in falsely smearing the military service of John Kerry.

BIG NEWS!!! subscribers to our late late show YouTube page will get a preview tomorrow to ONE DIRECTION carpool...

Sorry I wasn't on Twitter much today, but good news is I got a bunch of vines for yall! Plus a new YouTube video tomorrow! Night everyone!☺️