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Maryland Democrat and political newcomer Wes Moore holds a 32-percentage point lead over Donald Trump-aligned Republican Dan Cox in the governor’s race five weeks before Election Day, a Post-UMD poll finds.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene Proclaims ‘Democrats Want Republicans Dead,’ Have Started Killing Them Off in Bonkers Speech

Replays showed Cabrera came up lame on that inning-ending strikeout of Tyrone Taylor in the third, and he'll exit the game. Could be a big break for the Brewers. Looked like Cabrera's right leg or knee was the issue.

The only clinic in the District of Taylor, about 18 kilometres south of Fort St. John, near the B.C.-Alberta border, is closing permanently on Saturday, making it more challenging for seniors living there to access medical services.

Brian Taylor: No Prime Minister, this is not a global crisis – this is your doing

It's wild to think I won't be able to get back to the USA until the DeSantis/ Taylor Greene administration.

Guest post: A Short Story by Taylor Green: Harry the Dog.

A Worried Taylor Swift Gets Violently Shoved in New ‘Amsterdam’ Teaser: Watch

As a child, Tony Taylor lived all over the world — the Netherlands, Germany, Mallorca, Austria — but it was the small house where his family lived in Hartford that inspired his career and lifelong love of architecture

The 10 step program to losing weight centers around what you eat, but you already knew that right? But take a closer look at the outer circles, each one is essential. Coming soon weight loss book by M LeMont & Taylor Green

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#EXCLUSIVE : Breonna Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker talks t @GayleKing  about the night police raided her home as part of a narcotics investigation into Breonna's ex-boyfriend. Neither Walker nor Taylor has a criminal history and no illegal drugs were found in the home.

BREAKING: Attorney General Merrick Garland announces that the Justice Department has charged four current and former Louisville Metro Police Department officers with federal crimes related to death of Breonna Taylor.

It's been 93 days since Breonna Taylor was murdered and the only arrest made in relation to her death was the arrest of her partner, who was charged for defending himself against the intruders invading their home.

Today would be an amazing day to arrest the killers that murdered Breonna Taylor.

Today would be an amazing day to arrest the killers that murdered Breonna Taylor.

Trump commutes the prison sentence of Roger Stone while the officers that killed Breonna Taylor are still free. The two systems of justice in this country must end.


The officers who murdered Breonna Taylor nearly three months ago still have not been charged. We can’t forget about Black women in our quest for justice.

sorry but it’s TAYLORS music, TAYLOR wrote her music, TAYLOR worked her ass off for years, TAYLOR is successful because of least give her the chance to own the rights to her own music.