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Victim's family tells judge they hope East Lake accused drugged driver is never released from prison | @WFLAJeff  reports

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He was taken to hospital but was never released. #9News 

One Nation leader Pauline@PaulineHansonOz  says Christine Holgate was never released from her contract with Australia Post and therefore is still the CEO of the company.

"Take me to the river And wash me down Won't you cleanse my soul Put my feet on the ground" The great Al Greene is 75 today. He produced the most masterful soul ballads in the 70s, including this smooth classic in 1974, which he never released as a single

Most of the music Prince created and recorded was never released — eight thousand songs by one estimate. Prince vocalist Shelby J. recalls what Prince told her about the unreleased music: ‘Oh, somebody will do something with it.’

Governor Cuomo himself was involved in the creation of a never-released letter meant to disparage Lindsey Boylan, the first woman to accuse him of sexual harassment, report @maggieNYT  and @jessemckinley 

Despite music being a huge part of her live shows, Doreen has never released a single – so has now released Lockdown Baby on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and her own website.

The VA restarted a congressionally mandated study on service dogs and PTSD in 2015. The study’s results were expected in summer 2020, but were never released.

In those 20 years, Tiwari, now 43, never got bail once. His fate was such that he was never released on parole, even as many walked out of jail as part of a plan to decongest prisons during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.


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NEW: Never-released report shows number of people killed by police activity in New York City is more than double what was reported.

Tucker is again claiming tonight that Biden got rich off his “connections”. But Biden has released his taxes. We know how much he’s earned. Trump has NEVER released his taxes. Enough said . #FactsMatter  .

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Last night @donlemon  called for the rioting to end, "because it's showing up in the polling." What polling? The media polling after the DNC Convention that was never released over the weekend. Yes, folks, it exists. You’re just not allowed to see it.

Wanderland' ( 2001) by Kelis is now available on stuff. never released in the US. on my 14th birthday i found an import copy at best buy and lost my mind! if youre unaware of the album check it out. shooting stars, scared money two of my favorite songs ever

Michael’s hit “Butterflies” reached its peak on the Billboard Hot 100 this week in 2002. Michael achieved this through the power of his fans alone – the song was never released as an official single.

Nancy Pelosi: Years in office—32 Net worth—$238M Dianne Feinstein: Years in office—27 Net Worth—$94M Joe Biden: Years in office—44 Net Worth—$15M What do they all have in common? They demand Trump's tax returns, yet have NEVER released their own!

Trump this AM: "I have been the most transparent president and administration in the history of our country by far." Fact check: False. He never released his tax returns.

What a way to start the series #TeamIndia  never released the pressure. Superb batting by with crucial knocks in both innings, in the 2nd innings and excellent contributions by our 4 bowlers. This has brought back memories of 2003. #INDvAUS 

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So Trump never released his tax returns, and he never released a real medical assessment while running for president. All the while hammering Hillary for her health and Obama for the birther stuff.

Lil B has never released an album !!!! No official Lil B album !! Lil B has only released mix tapes!!!!! That's historical - Lil B