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(1of 2) The Prime Minister has just stated that the data shows that all pupils can attend schools on 8 March. This is despite Government NERVTAG scientist stating yesterday that reopening all at once would be reckless.

The UK-based New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NERVTAG) recently reported that the Kent variant may be up to 70 per cent more deadly than previous strains. #coronavirus 

NERVTAG classifies variant first located in the city

Scientists say 'safe' to at least open Primary Schools after half-term. Prof Robert Dingwall of Nervtag ➡️ "There isn't a case for keeping kids off until 8 March. Epidemiology Prof Woolhouse @EdinburghUni  ➡️ "there's never been a surge in cases when schools have re-opened" ⬇️

Worth listening to Government Scientist, Professor Robert Dingwall of @DHSCgovuk  @NHS  New & Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (Nervtag). Urging Primary schools to open after half term 👉 he says "there isn't really a case for keeping kids off until 8 March " ⬇️

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We'll be joined by member of NERVTAG, Professor Andrew Hayward to discuss whether vaccine effectiveness will be more reduced with the South Africa variant, and whether further border measures are needed. 🕗 8.05 📺 Sky 501 / Freeview 233 📱 Watch live:

The government's NERVTAG experts say there's a 'realistic possibility' that the UK variant is linked to an increase risk of death. @FactCheck  takes a look at what we know so far.

Ah: good news (well, not “good” exactly): NERVTAG have released this paper on B117 severity which provides some detail. Seems to be a summary of a number of other papers which presumably have more granular data. Here’s hoping they will be released too

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Breaking: 30 per cent more lethal virus claim rests on "fragile and uncertain evidence", says NERVTAG member. (Alastair Benn scoop on Reaction@reactionlife )

The government's New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (or Nervtag) has concluded that the new Covid-19 strain may be a bit more lethal than the existing strain. I've spoken to the influential Nervtag member, Prof Neil Ferguson@neil_ferguson )...


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Prof Neil Ferguson of Nervtag says there’s a “statistically significant increased proportion in cases of under 15 year olds of new variant” compared with the old variant. Ferguson says it’s unusual for children not to be affected by respiratory viruses as children spread easily

anyone speculating about the new strain of covid should make sure they read this from the scientists on Nervtag yesterday, it explains how they believe it’s so much more infectious than previous versions

@CMO_England  announces that the important government NERVTAG committee believes the new UK strain of #Covid_19  is significantly more infectious than older strain. It is a made-in-Britain strain so he is informing @WHO  and other countries. It is rife in Kent and...

A 2 week circuit break, as suggested in Sept, "would have saved 1000s of lives" and "inflicted substantially less damage on our economy" than the proposed 4 week lockdown will do, says Prof Andrew Hayward, member of govt advisory committee Nervtag#R4Today 

"Unlocking too fast carries a great risk that all the good work… may be lost" Professor Peter Openshaw from NERVTAG tells #Marr  there is "deep concern" among scientists and "we need to take this slowly"

The failure of political leadership in managing #COVID19  was not unexpected. However, the failure of scientific leadership has shocked me. The “herd immunity” approach was either a colossal mistake by SAGE/NERVTAG *or* a failure to speak truth to power. The public deserve to know