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8. EO requiring mask-wearing in airports & on many trains, planes, ships & intercity buses; proof of negative#covid19  test for intl travelers before departing for US & compliance w CDC isolation/quarantine guidelines; consideration of addtl domestic travel public health measures

second day of $SPX positive and high beta and small caps under performing. Breadth also negative (based on adv-dec). Little bit of distribution under the hood but indices being held up by the mega caps.

From the Trading Floors: -Equity index futures began the morning higher,now mixed, the Nasdaq moderately positive, but the S&P 500 flat and the Dow slightly negative -Unemployment came in higher than expected -Tech leads upside,Energy leads downside - $VIX is 21.58 @investitute 

The mask order for travel will apply to airports and planes, ships, intercity buses, trains and public transportation. Travelers from abroad must furnish a negative COVID-19 test before departing for the U.S. and quarantine upon arrival.

Credit quality for North American regulated utilities significantly weakened in 2020. At the beginning of last year ~18% of the industry had a negative outlook or CreditWatch Negative. By the end of the year that percentage had doubled, to ~36%. Read more,

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Market Perspective: RBOB Gasoline has an average negative 2-day return of -0.67% over the year… but only 13.3% of these day ranges experience returns worse then this negative average. Look for short opportunities with our Two-Day Return Calendar

If you travel by air from a foreign country to the U.S., you must now provide a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before travel. Learn more about the travel requirements:

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MyPillow and Texas real estate agent Jenna Ryan are receiving negative online reviews because of support for former President Donald Trump.

Why nostalgia is overrated, understanding the impact of negative bias, and figuring out who to trust 🎧with guest @sapinker  #remarkablepeople  #podcast 

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OK-so a bit of a broken record-but when my momentum indicators show negative divergence as in $IYT-yes, we wait for price confirm, but yes, we lay low on adding new longs-so far action sloppy


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Something extremely bogus is going on. Was tested for covid four times today. Two tests came back negative, two came back positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse. Rapid antigen test from BD.

Can’t believe how badly @FoxNews  is doing in the ratings. They played right into the hands of the Radical Left Democrats, & now are floating in limboland. Hiring fired @donnabraziIe , and far worse, allowing endless negative and unedited commercials. @FoxNews  is dead. Really Sad!

The only thing more RIGGED than the 2020 Presidential Election is the FAKE NEWS SUPPRESSED MEDIA. No matter how big or important the story, if it is even slightly positive for “us”, or negative for “them”, it will not be reported!

Twitter is sending out totally false “Trends” that have absolutely nothing to do with what is really trending in the world. They make it up, and only negative “stuff”. Same thing will happen to Twitter as is happening to @FoxNews  daytime. Also, big Conservative discrimination!

Twitter Shuts Down Entire Network To Slow Spread Of Negative Biden News via Wow, this has never b @TheBabylonBeeen  done in history. This includes his really bad interview last night. Why is Twitter doing this. Bringing more attention to Sleepy Joe & Big T

Why isn’t Biden corruption trending number one on Twitter? Biggest world story, and nowhere to be found. There is no”trend”, only negative stories that Twitter wants to put up. Disgraceful! Section 230

Every time you see a negative Big Pharma commercial against me remember, it means your drug prices are coming way down!

Just can't live that negative way.... Make way for the positive day -positive vibration

Personal goal this year; to keep things in perspective and allow myself to thoroughly enjoy things instead of over analyzing and stressing over every single probable negative thing that could happen, that hasn’t and probably won’t.

No, Joe. The "establishment" are the 60 billionaires who are funding your campaign and the corporate-funded super PACs that are spending millions on negative ads attacking me.