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Dr. Kazem Rajavi's Assassination To Be Investigated in the Context of Genocide, Crime Against Humanity - NCRI - National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

Robert Joseph: "Most important, we must support the democratic opposition, the NCRI, the MEK, and especially, the brave resistance units inside #Iran ." @iran_policy  #MEK  #FreeIran2020  #sponsored 

@MayorRGiuliani : "A combination of your steadfast leadership and courage of you, the NCRI, t #MEKe  , and now an American government that is not a government of appeasement.. @iran_policy  #FreeIran2020  #sponsored 

#WashTimes ' Ben Wolfgang: "Leaders of the NCRI, which is comprised of multiple other organizations, say the council has seen its stature grow to the point that Iranian officials can no longer deny its influence. @iran_policy  #FreeIran2020  #sponsored 

"Behind the logistical triumph was a simple message from the NCRI organizers that Iran’s clerics and terrorist sympathizers are living on borrowed time..." #WashTimes ' Ben Wolfgang@iran_policy  #FreeIran2020  #sponsored 

"For all this, your nation’s trust in the NCRI and President Rajavi, and the regime’s horror at your freedom movement are greater than ever." Sali Berisha - Former Prime Minister and former President of Albania @iran_policy  #FreeIran2020  #sponsored 

"The NCRI has shown it is truly a viable alternative to the despotic regime ruling #Iran ." @Campaign4Perry  @iran_policy  #FreeIran2020  #sponsored 

@generalconway : "The NCRI has done much over the years to correct what’s happening in Iran." @iran_policy  #FreeIran2020  #sponsored 

It’s my pleasure to address the NCRI’s Free Iran Summit from Canada today; together with friends and allies from around the world, I continue to stand with the people of Iran against the tyrannical and oppressive regime in Tehran. #FreeIran2020  #NCRI 

#Spotlight : @iran_policy '>NCR @iran_policy  is increasingly being recognized as the most important player in the landscape of resistance to Tehran’s clerical regime, both at home and abroad, write @CHamillStewart 

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@bobblackmanmp : "Iran is destined to have a better future, stability, and prosperity because it has a democratic alternative in the NCRI, a strong, inspiring leader @Maryam_Rajavin  #FreeIran  #Iran  #WeSupportMEK  #sp  @4FreedominIran 

"The stage became a waving sea of red tulips in homage to the 30,000 MEK members, an NCRI faction, who were executed by the Iranian regime in 1981, still a searing memory in the MEK’s checkered and tragic history." #FreeIran 

"In one measure of the NCRI’s growing clout, some three dozen current and previous officials from the U.S., Europe and Middle East attended the gathering." #FreeIran