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TRAFFIC ALERT: I-40 WB in Buncombe County; Left lane CLOSED 3 miles past Exit 64 (NC-9) due to a crash

And of course in light of this news, we're going to again show you the time a pre-NC9@KimChapmanNC9  hilariously caught Tony Danza trashing local news when he didn't realize she could hear him:

First measurable #rainfall  in #Syracuse  in 16 days! Dry streak has finally ended. Will we see more rain #Friday  and over the Father's Day#weekend ?? Tune to NC9 at 11 tonight and or go to to find out.

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#Gorgeous looking sky to round out a perfect #summer  day in #CNY ! Go to #LocalSYR .com and or tune to NC9 at 11 tonight to see how much longer this great #weather  lasts.

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@wjroberts913  2018, US House race for NC9. The GOP candidate engaged in absentee ballot fraud. A new election was called.

@GIngerJane918  If you're looking for the most recent example of mail-in ballot fraud, that is NC9, where the GOP almost lost a seat in the US House because of fraud by the Republican candidate.

VIEWER VIDEO: Thanks to longtime NC9 fan @Sofooo  for sharing this touching video out of Cleveland this morning, showing Waterville Elementary teachers & staff putting on a parade in Farmingdale. SHOW US SOMETHING GOOD! Upload your videos & photos here:

LIVE WEATHER ALERT UPDATE: @StormTrack9Dave  has an update on the potential for strong to severe storms in our area Tuesday night. Stay weather alert with NC9! SEE MORE:

UPDATE (*sigh*): Folks, we have another instance where another FAKE NC9 post is going around.. it is a doctored "tweet" being shared on Facebook that contains 100% inaccurate info about schools. Please help spread the word: IT'S FAKE.

NC9 INVESTIGATES: Chattanooga paid nearly $18k after truck damaged by manhole, 1 year before officer's death:

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Breaking: Executive Director of NC Republicans says he’s open to new election in NC-9 Congressional race. Dallas Woodhouse told CNN’s Drew Griffin he was so upset after watching CNN’s coverage of alleged fraud last night, he threw up, “this has shaken us to the core.”

I'll be following the result in NC-9 tonight. One thing that shouldn't get lost: The only reason we are having this election is that Republicans were caught engaging in massive election fraud in the last election These documents helped expose it:

NC-9 scandal: More than a thousand absentee ballots possibly destroyed @DrewGriffinCNN  reports @TheLeadCNN 

Voter fraud isn't the same thing as election fraud. What seems to have occurred in NC-9 was election fraud. The difference is key. In one, it is voters perpetrating the fraud. In the other, the fraud is being perpetrated upon the voters.

I know it’s not his state but would be nice to see raise some concerns about what’s happening in NC9 after spending weeks warning about Dems trying to steal elections in Florida

In NC-9: Is there credible voter affidavits alleging illegal activity? Yes. Is there a ballot harvester on record confirming? Yes. Do we have someone w/ a history of fraud leading the effort? Yes. Do the vote totals look unbelievable? Yes. It's all there

Breaking on NC-9 Congressional race: Criminal investigation underway into voting irregularities in Bladen Cty North Carolina, says local DA. The investigation was initially centered on the 2016 election cycle, but now includes the 2018 election as well.

I cannot tell if the media is gonna continue to underplay NC-9 or we're about to hit a point (post Bush coverage) where it will become huge.

The fact that there are *also* extremely weird anomalies involving absentee ballots in the NC-9 Republican primary makes it less likely that there's any sort of innocent explanation for the irregularities in the NC-9 general election.

NC9, voter suppression in Georgia, massive gerrymandering throughout the country....if you're a pundit focused on how long it takes CA to accurately count votes instead of how much the GOP is focused on stifling voters to keep power, you're not serious. At all.