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Neo-Nazis are still on Facebook. And they’re making money

Neo-Nazis are still on Facebook. And they’re making money

Neo-Nazis are still on Facebook. And they’re making money

We did tell the Brexidiots all of this would happen but they knew best and called us Nazis …Panic Buying Swamps U.K. Filling Stations: Energy Crisis - Bloomberg

Rabbi Menken: ‘Less Than a Century Ago, These People Called Themselves Nazis; Today They Are Called

Which politician uttered the phrase "hard-right man-baby Nazis'' this week? And who was the first person Scott Morrison met with after setting down in the US this week? All the answers in this week's Crikey quiz by @theshufflediary  [Unlocked] #auspol 

‘Private Funding’ Fueled Nazis in Charlottesville: Lawsuit via @KELLYWEILL 

... to Italy last Friday to get a gelato - that hotbed of political neo-Nazis is Bannon's newest playpen. Ignoramus Green is one of his best-known 'stars' and biggest draws for Bannon's crowd." As such could be the country Oz has surrendered its defence & foreign policy to.

Eve and the Tempter, by Käthe Schuftan. German Jewish artist tortured and imprisoned by the Nazis. Escaped in 1939, lived and worked in Manchester until she died in 1958.

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How Dada movement influencer Man Ray ran from the Nazis — and his Jewish roots


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After comments on #Charlottesville  , I'll be introducing Articles of #Impeachment  against #Trump . No good Nazis or Klansmen! #ImpeachTrump 

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Really sad. At a time of deep national division, President-elect Biden’s choice to call his political opponents literal Nazis does nothing to bring us together or promote healing. This kind of vicious partisan rhetoric only tears our country apart.

The media’s silence on the violence against Trump supporters is deafening. After four years of calling them Nazis, at this point they might as well just dox them all or add the to AOC’s lists for the Gulags. They are complicit in the violence. They are the worst of the worst.

Today, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, we pledge to never forget the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis. At a time of rising antisemitism, racism, and xenophobia, we must recommit ourselves to fight against all forms of bigotry and intolerance.

Nazis invaded the Senate 2 weeks ago wearing clothes celebrating Hitler’s murder of 6 million Jews. Today we have the 1st Jewish Majority Leader of the United States Senate. @SenSchumer  is a descendant of victims of the Holocaust.

Slavery was an evil and not a necessary one. Police don’t need tanks. The Republicans have not been legislating on Covid for 2 months. The President never, ever changes his tone. In the middle of a pandemic republicans are suing to take away your health care. Nazis are bad.

Last night Trump was asked to condemn white supremacy—and refused. He has called neo-Nazis "very fine people." He has inspired disgusting acts of racism and violence. This is the most dangerous president in the modern history of our country. He must be defeated.

President Trump’s reelection campaign is displaying a marking once used by the Nazis to designate political prisoners in concentration camps. A spokesman for the Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Dems/media have falsely labeled Trump and his supporters as racist, xenophobic, domestic enemies, Russian assets, traitors and even Nazis. They called us "irredeemable" and "deplorable." But now they want to absolve themselves of any responsibility for the violence? #BidenRiots 

So let me get this straight: When neo-Nazis protest there are “very fine people on both sides,” but when black and brown people protest it’s time to “start shooting.”