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Victorian parliamentary inquiry calls for ban on Nazi symbols

Nazi symbols and insignia from Germany's Third Reich will be banned from public display in Victoria, after a parliamentary inquiry recommended changes to the state's racial vilification laws.

#BREAKING : nazi leader thomas sewell'>Neo-Nazi Leader Thomas Sewell has been charged with affray, recklessly causing injury, and unlawful assault for his alleged attack on a security guard at the Channel Nine offices in Melbourne #9News  Details:

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Two men linked to neo-Nazi group arrested after alleged assault on Nine security guard

With Hitler in power, Golwalkar praised Nazi Germany’s ‘race pride’ and declared that in India, too, ‘The Race Spirit has been awakening’ @Samaanlateef 

From its dark origins in Nazi Germany to the "Summer of Love" and the big screen, the Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most recognizable cars ever made To see the history of other companies, visit @AmazonVideo :

3. The Wages of Destruction by Tooze. Now the classic revisionist work on the Nazi economy and the underpinnings of the German war machine. A book that changes how you think about WW2.

Nazi toys: Disgust as Hitler figures sold in NZ #HeraldPremium 

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Germany doesn’t have Nazi monuments to “remind” citizens of their history. Instead, they have memorials for the 6 million Jews and others who were murdered. The U.S. doesn’t need statues of confederate generals to “remind” us. We need monuments for Nat Turner & Harriet Tubman.

If 10 guys thinks it's ok to hang with 1 Nazi then they just became 11 Nazis. Alt right / white supremacist it's just nazis. Fuck Nazis.

No, not the same. One side is racist, bigoted, Nazi. The other opposes racism and bigotry. Morally different universes.

I don't understand. - Police are protecting a statue from people who want to protect it from people who don't seem to be there. - Meanwhile the man who stopped us all from having to salute like a Nazi is celebrated by men doing Nazi salutes. I mean, it's very 2020, but still.

The issue wasn’t what Joe Biden said, because it was accurate. The issue was that it came from Biden. It also was clearly a joke that didn’t land. But I’m wondering where all this outrage was yesterday when y’all president declared his public devotion to a Nazi sympathizer.

Liberal arts college professor brutalizes Nazi, who has a permit. More alt-left indoctrination.

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By the way, fuck these nazi motherfuckers. #Charlottesville 

Someone was murdered at a nazi'>Neo-Nazi rally today. That happened. In America. In 2017. It's time to make clear where we stand – all of us.

We have nazi sympathizers and white nationalists in the White House. Condemn them too. They should not be receiving taxpayer money.

In the Trump/Bannon divorce who gets custody of the Nazi's?