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Nasdaq Composite ekes out another record close as Dow, S&P 500 edge lower via MarketWatch #news  #mktw  #wsj 

Looking for a new home? This castle in southern Indiana is on the market for $400,000

It is your own mind, not the market, or life, that is to blame for your failures. You, yourself, are responsible for the good and bad in your life.

(original 1950 Gnome Press hardcover edition) (Signet Books mass-market edition, 1953)

Home buyers taking on huge loans to get into Australia’s property market could face higher mortgage repayments as early as November next year. #auspol  #homeloans  #economics 

News10 has made finding a farmer’s market in the Capital Region easy with a list of markets by county as well as a Google map with market locations, dates, and times.

Crypto comeback? Bitcoin is in a more enduring bull market because of China's crackdown – Bloomberg Intelligence#kitconews  #gold  #silver  #mining  #metals  #investing  #finance  #economics 

US Stock Market Indices Close at Record High after Powell’s Comments

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"We're still, I would say, modestly growing, as the rest of the country is in terms of the labor market picture," said Alex Marre, regional economist at our Baltimore branch. via @BaltBizOnline 

“I don’t think that this is just something that’s completely transitory,” @Deutsche_AM  Head of Fixed Income Greg Staples says on inflation. “It could be a tough time for Powell because he’s going to have to react and… that’s where I think the market could be at some risk.”


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Professional wrestlers enforce the face mask rule at the Central de Abastos market in Mexico City.

If Redditors rallying GameStop is unacceptable market manipulation, what would you call it when greedy Wall Street bankers gambled away our entire economy in 2008 and faced no consequences?

Finished off the year with the highest Stock Market in history. Setting records with your 401k’s, just like I said you would. Congratulations to all!


STOCK MARKET UP BIG, 466 Points! 28,149. Great News for America. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Joe Biden has said he would lock down the Country again. That’s crazy! We’re having record job growth and a booming stock market, but Joe would end it all and close it all down. Ridiculous!

My mother is not expendable. Your mother is not expendable. We will not put a dollar figure on human life. We can have a public health strategy that is consistent with an economic one. No one should be talking about social darwinism for the sake of the stock market.

NEW: After assuring the public about the government's coronavirus preparedness, Senate Intel chair Richard Burr, in one day, sold off up to $1.6 million is stock. A week later, the market began its fall. His committee was receiving daily briefings.

When we say it's time to provide health care to all our people, we're told we can't afford it. But if the stock market is in trouble, no problem! The government can just hand out $1.5 trillion to calm bankers on Wall Street.