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Laura Waterman Wittstock, advocate for Native Americans in Minnesota and across the country as well as co-founder of Migizi, dies at 83.

Administration for Native Americans Commissioner thanks federal and tribal partners for helping her make an impact. Read her blog:

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Environmentalists teamed with Native Americans, ranchers and even windsurfers to block nearly every effort over the past decade to export fossil fuels from the West Coast.

Native Americans in Montana are dying from Covid-19 at a rate 11 times higher than white residents.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed more Native Americans living on reservations in South Dakota to seek homeownership.

For 350 years after Europeans came to America their goal was to push Native Americans from their lands & break their traditions. Indian boarding schools began in 1879 in PA then spread across America & continued through 1980s (our equiv to CCP Uyghur camps) via @GilcreaseMuseum 

Native Americans try to block US move to give land to mining giant for lucrative copper deposits

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Think about how much suffering and injustice Black Americans have faced for *centuries* in this country. Yet they have never attacked the Capitol, nor have Native Americans. And yet a bunch of white #MAGA  snowflakes decided to attack the Capitol because they lost an election.

“Pro-Biden effort offered Native Americans $25-$500 Visa gift cards and jewelry to vote”

VICTORY: A judge just overturned a law that made voting nearly impossible for Native Americans living on rural reservations in Montana.

As the 1st President to formally recognize the issue of Missing & native americans'>Murdered Native Americans, today, I was proud to sign Savanna’s Act & the Not Invisible Act. We have also provided $295 Million to support public safety & crime victims. Forgotten NO MORE! #OperationLadyJustice 

The only people with reason to complain about immigrants to this country are Native Americans. Happy indigenous peoples day.

Republicans shouldn’t vote for H.R. 312, a special interest casino Bill, backed by Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren. It is unfair and doesn’t treat Native Americans equally!

We owe Native Americans so much. It's time for a new approach to the Native American people, not to run a pipeline through their land.

Now they're trying to tell Native Americans in Sioux County SD that their votes will be disqualified on the basis of the *color of the ink* they use to vote. Apparently they're going to throw everything they've got at this. Just astonishing.

At off-cam WH briefing acting ICE dir. Horman concedes undocumented immigrants do not commit more crimes than native born Americans.

. must protect the safety of Native Americans and their supporters who have gathered peacefully to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline.