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If you could listen to a story on the radio, which would you pick? #NationalRadioDay  📻

In 1963, Telstar was the first radio communication satellite that was launched. #NationalRadioDay  #FCC101  #radio 

Your first dance song is the last song you heard on the radio.... what is it?? 🎶 #NationalRadioDay 

Guglielmo Marconi broadcast the first transatlantic radio signal, 119 years ago in 1901. #FCC101  #NationalRadioDay 

#NationalRadioDay I've been on radio over 30 years its a great medium and I still love it!

It's #NationalRadioDay  and we want to thank you all for listening to your local public radio station! 📻

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John Sterling could read ANYTHING and it would sound stupendous ? #NationalRadioDay 

Click play and close your eyes. #NationalRadioDay  is the perfect time for our favorite call from @Dan_Dickerson . ?

Still can’t live without it...Happy #NationalRadioDay  ?

Happy #NationalRadioDay ! What're you listening to?

Happy #National RadioDay to the greatest Radio team in the history of Radio. (Photo by Joe DeMaria) @HowardStern  @rqui 

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