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National Guardsmen in Fresno honored for Creek Fire evacuations Helicopter Association International last September. Good job! (Courtesy: California National Guard)

The Kentucky National Guard has stationed four guardsmen in the county to assist with transporting supplies and materials from the donation distribution center to homes.

This #MilitaryMonday , I am honoring the more than 300 Idaho National Guard Soldiers and Airmen who assisted with the 59th Presidential Inauguration. These guardsmen put their lives on hold to ensure a smooth transition of power.

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By comparison, only 60 S.C. National Guardsmen remain overseas: 55 in Europe and five in the Middle East as many foreign assignments begin to wind down.

I was honored to take part in the promotion ceremony tonight for @MINationalGuard  Lieutenant Colonel Samuel LaBara from Richland.   I’m proud of the dedication of LTC LaBara and all the MichiganNational Guardsmen who selflessly serve the people of Michigan and our country.

If You Want to Understand Why 5,000 National Guardsmen Are Still in DC, Read the Indictment of Oath Keepers Involved in the Capitol Riot

If You Want to Understand Why 5,000 National Guardsmen Are Still in DC, Read the Indictment of Oath Keepers Involved in the Capitol Riot

There were no signs of disturbance Thursday, with Capitol Police and National Guardsmen on duty and a large fence around the perimeter. The Pentagon is reviewing a request to extend the Guard deployment 60 days beyond its expiration date of March 12.

I’m outraged that U.S. Capitol Police have requested to keep the nearly 5,000 National Guardsmen at the Capitol Complex for another two months without presenting clear and specific information.

There were no signs of disturbance by midday Thursday at the heavily secured building, with Capitol Police and National Guardsmen on duty.


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Our troops deserve the utmost honor & respect for securing the Capitol & defending democracy this week. This is unconscionable & unsafe. Whoever’s decision this was to house our National Guardsmen & women in underground parking lots must be held accountable.

Thousands of National Guardsmen were forced to vacate congressional grounds today and are now taking their rest breaks outside and in nearby parking garages, after two weeks of sleepless nights protecting the nation’s capital

“As is normal for military support to large security events, the Department will vet National Guardsmen who are in Washington, DC. While we have no intelligence indicating an insider threat, we are leaving no stone unturned in securing the Capitol.” - A/SD Chris Miller

For the inauguration, there will be at least four times as many National Guardsmen in the US capital as troops in all of Afghanistan. Where is the greatest terror threat to the US today?

“By around 4pm, Gov. Hogan said, he learned that Acting Defense Sec. Chris Miller had yet to grant the necessary approval for Guardsmen to enter Washington. “We were repeatedly being told by the National Guard at the national level that we did not have authorization,” Hogan said

BREAKING: The entire D.C. National Guard will be activated today, putting about 1,100 guardsmen on duty tonight, defense official tells me. Comes after breach of Capitol by pro-Trump protesters.

I am proud of our national guardsmen'>Mississippi National Guardsmen for their work to support safety in our nation’s capital and to protect the many individuals who have been exercising their constitutional right to protest peacefully.

An absolutely enraging story from @attackerman : the pentagon is nickel and diming national guardsmen called up to fight the pandemic by denying them health care. Many of them have already lost their jobs.

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Maduro attempt to expand pro-regime paramilitary gangs is another sign that he has lost confidence in the support of National Guard & military. Remember, the guardsmen & soldiers & their families are also suffering from the #Venezuela  economic crisis.