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So after the Trump-instigated riots at the Capitol on 6 Jan, Murdoch’s lead commentator on Fox again incites his far-right audience, accusing the Democratic Party of deploying the US national guard as a demonstration of power. Isn't it to prevent a repeat of 6 Jan mob violence?

Exactly how are the National Guard troops being vetted? Are they checking voting records? Rooting out conservatives, pro-Trump troops?

Rep. Steve Cohen implies that 75% of the National Guard are in the class of people who "may want to do something" at the inauguration. Cohen is saying that National Guard troops who voted for Trump should automatically be suspected of being threats.

Democratic Congressman Fears Trump-Voting ‘White Males' in National Guard at Inauguration: ‘75 Percent Are in the Class' that May 'Do Something'

Podcast: FBI vetting National Guard as DC remains armed camp; Trump accused Barr of hating him, mocked Sidney Powell as 'crazy'; Mistakes by WH & governors led to 400,000 US deaths; 100+ Trump pardons expected; Twitter suspends QAnon congresswoman

For Mayor Muriel Bowser, the planning started in December. On New Year’s Eve, Bowser requested support of 340 unarmed D.C. National Guard troops for the pro-Trump gatherings scheduled for the following week.

A huge swath of Washington DC has been sealed off and National Guard troops are flooding into the US capital ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration. Supporters of President Donald Trump are expected to rally in cities across the country.

More than a dozen U.S. states have called in the National Guard amid fears of armed protests, as President Trump begins his last week in the White House. #9News 

Ken Cuccinelli, the Department of Homeland Security's acting deputy secretary, says the idea that President Trump would order a halt to the National Guard's security mission for next week's presidential inauguration of Joseph R. Biden is "unimaginable."

More than a dozen U.S. states have called in the National Guard amid fears of armed protests, as President Trump begins his last week in the White House. #9News 


Most relevant

Lou Dobbs reminds Mayor Bowser that the National Guard she called out, will be on the streets of DC to protect ALL Americans, at the order of President Trump. In case anyone didn’t tell her, the DC National Guard reports solely to President Donald J Trump.

Vice President Mike Pence, not President Trump, approved the order to deploy the D.C. National Guard on Wednesday, defense and administration officials said. It was unclear why the president, who is still the commander in chief, did not give the order.

Three days before the pro-Trump riot at the Capitol, the Pentagon asked the U.S Capitol Police if it needed National Guard manpower. And then as the mob descended, DOJ leaders reached out to offer up FBI agents. The police turned them down both times

NEW: Trump initially rebuffed and resisted requests to mobilize the National Guard, according to a person with knowledge of the vents. It required intervention from White House officials to get it done, according to the person with knowledge of the events.

BREAKING: The entire D.C. National Guard will be activated today, putting about 1,100 guardsmen on duty tonight, defense official tells me. Comes after breach of Capitol by pro-Trump protesters.

CNN has obtained documents reported by NPR that show D.C. National Guard was asked by military officer whether his unit had a “heat ray” that could be used on protesters at Lafayette Square on June 1, when Trump held Bible outside church. w/ @mkraju 

Ted Wheeler has blood on his hands. He decided to play politics and refused @realDonald Trump's offer to send the National Guard to end the riots and now an innocent Trump supporter is dead at the hands of the radical leftwing mob because of it. He's a disgrace!!!

Law & Order in Philadelphia, NOW! They are looting stores. Call in our great National Guard like they FINALLY did (thank you President Trump) last night in Minneapolis. Is this what voters want with Sleepy Joe? All Dems!

Your reminder that Trump’s deployment of the National Guard to crack down on D.C. protests cost American taxpayers $21,000,000. Pass it on.

BREAKING: Trump administration considers mobilizing as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants.