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With Biden in Putin mtg tomorrow: nat sec adviser Jake Sullivan, ambassador John Sullivan, undersec of State Victoria Nuland, NSC Russia aides Eric Green & Stergos Kaloudis. Biden dined tonight at his hotel in Geneva with @SecBlinken  and @JakeSullivan46 .

Amid a worsening drought emergency and fires already blazing across California, Titus ‘Stretch’ Gall is gearing up for another long wildfire season

Despite Midterm Blow, Mexico’s AMLO Still Aiming at Electric Power Reform #NatGas  #ONGT 

With fires already sparking across California, Titus ‘Stretch’ Gall is gearing up for another long wildfire season. He's ready to roll in with his air-traffic control towers, which are on wheels

Global LNG Buyers Said Looking to ‘Bridge’ Current Supply Crunch with Short-Term Contracts #NatGas  #ONGT 

Army Official Says ‘Reconfiguration’ Led To Nat Guard Delay

Pennsylvania Impact Fee Collections Down on Lower Natural Gas Prices#NatGas  #ONGT 


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Today Texas launched Operation Lone Star to respond to the border crisis. It deploys Nat'l Guard + DPS Officers + air, ground, marine, & tactical border security assets to deny Mexican Cartels & smugglers the ability to move drugs & people into Texas.

Trump DC hotel open for DCPD. Strange the our wonderful & totally unbiased press corps had ZERO questions for pres sec on Nat’l Guard troops being move out of a congressional building into an open cold garage. If Trump were pres they would be “outraged”

Brutal opening line of questioning from @SenGaryPeters  with the head of DC Nat’l Guard. Were you able to get immediate approval from Sec of Army to deploy in June when there was violence? “I was, yes sir.” Were you able to get that same immediate approval in Jan? “No sir”

Big time leadership from @realDonaldTrump  with @RepRatcliffe , @robertcobrienand  the whole NatSec team, but this is hardly “last minute.” Trump’s been right on China since day one... all while the Bidens were chasing cash from the Chinese Communist Party.

Trump is assuming dictatorial powers because Senate Republicans refused for 3 months to respond to House Democrats’ proposal. Now those same Senate Rs have the gall to support Trump’s unconstitutional power grab. American democracy has never been as endangered.

Germany doesn’t have Nazi monuments to “remind” citizens of their history. Instead, they have memorials for the 6 million Jews and others who were murdered. The U.S. doesn’t need statues of confederate generals to “remind” us. We need monuments for Nat Turner & Harriet Tubman.

I have 2 little darling monsters who I’d love to send to school this fall. I get it. But there’s no way we can responsibly do that under current conditions. It’d be a death sentence for our kids & ourselves. To get there, we need a nat’l mask policy, more testing, & more tracing.

Today, my Republican colleagues didn't even bother showing up to our @HouseIntel  hearing on new technologies and nat'l security. Our committee has long prided itself on our ability to remove politics from the handling of intelligence work & today's antics represent a new low.

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So @BarackObama  advised @realDonald Trump not to hire Flynn as nat sec adviser. Trump ignored the advice. Flynn proceeded to lie to the @FBI  and @VP  about his call with the Russian ambassador, for which Trump fired him and Flynn pleaded guilty. And this is Obama’s fault?!?

On the 9th anniversary of a buncha badass American heroes killing bin Laden, let’s not forget that @JoeBiden  advised against the raid. Obama Admin’s own Bob Gates was right: “He’s been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and NatSec issue over the past four decades.”