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“It wouldn’t be fun living on the streets because you have to beg people for food and they’ll say no.” Eight-year-old Kai is among the thousands of British kids growing up in poverty.

Cleo Smith's family beg for return of missing girl with TV plea: 'We want our daughter back'

I had an exchange with one of my children just now re climate change, remarking that repentance means nothing to science. Go ahead and beg. Data are data.

I beg to differ. The average English water & sewerage bill is c.£396 per annum; over the same time frame, dividends paid to shareholders of #RawSewage  -dumping water companies exceeds £2bn. That’s c.21% of an English water bill going to shareholders. 2/3

"I hope you can leave us an EXCELLENT 5-STAR REVIEW!" | Never beg....

NITEL/MTEL pensioners beg President Buhari over 77 months’ arrears

'I beg you': Fox News' Neil Cavuto urges people to put politics aside and get vaccine - USA TODAY

"Now everybody just has to beg those factories to stay." Farah Stockman on the "death spiral" of unions.


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Boris Johnson tonight on the BBC "I've given you the most important metric which is, never mind life expectancy, never mind cancer outcomes, look at wage growth." I beg to differ! Ghastly appalling disregard for our people.

I beg you. Please watch this. And don’t forget. Day of Rage: An In-Depth Look at How a Mob Stormed the Capitol - The New York Times

“One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but it’s too late.” Get vaccinated before it's too late...

Question for Senators: If Trump did not have a role inciting the attack, why did McCarthy, Gallagher and others beg him on Jan 6 to call the insurrectionists off? If they weren’t listening to him to attack, why was his voice so necessary to call them off?

Nets are ready to make the league beg for mercy

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I’m not joking or trying to be in any way funny here. The single best thing we can do to save our elderly parents and friends is to beg them to turn off Fox News.

It is a horror beyond words that Shane Patrick Boyle died because he fell $50 short of raising the money he needed for insulin. Insulin was discovered in 1923 and was sold for $1. No one should beg, ration, go bankrupt, or die over it. This is why we are taking on Big Pharma.

This is the richest country on Earth. Our people should not have to beg for money on GoFundMe to pay for cancer treatment or insulin. Health care should be a right to all our people, not a way for a handful of rich executives to make a profit.

Rapists and Terrorists are cowards because they pick on innocent defenceless persons and if caught, prosecuted, and sentenced to death, they beg for mercy. It happened with LTTE killers of Rajiv Gandhi and now with Nirbhaya rapists.

I beg of you to realize, this is all to distract us from the pending impeachment trial. American lives will be lost and he doesn’t give a fuck.