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The child, who was given Narcan and was revived, has been removed from the custody of the parents.

Auburn police say two parents have been arrested after their 9-month-old child overdosed on fentanyl Friday night. The child, who was given Narcan and was revived, has been removed from the custody of the parents.

Narcan Can Save Your Character's Life in an Opioid Overdose for Writers #amwriting  #amreading 

HEARTBREAKING: Since March 13, St. Tammany Fire District No.1 has responded to 42 overdoses, in which they administered Narcan, the opioid reversing drug, a total of 30 times, likely keeping these individuals from going into cardiac arrest.

Dane County Sheriff’s Office deputies used Narcan to save a woman passed out in a bathroom at a Cambridge store on Wednesday night.

Spokane Police officers use Narcan to save lives of two apparent overdose victims in less than an hour

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A Spokane Valley Sheriff's deputy revived a young man with Narcan on Saturday.

Spokane Valley Deputy uses Narcan to save man's life after apparent drug overdose

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Some health and law enforcement officials are urging people with substance use disorders to keep Narcan on hand due to an increase in suspected overdose deaths.


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Police dog who OD'd on the job has recovered with Narcan and is back at work #Florida 

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My hometown makes it in the @nytimes  — because the opioid problem has gotten so bad, they’re now teaching kids how to administer Narcan to save their family members from an overdose

Police departments in a handful of states are training officers to offer recovery help to drug users instead of arresting them. That could be a referral to a recovery coach, a ride to detox — or at the very least, the overdose-rescue drug Narcan.

Sociopathic sheriff in opioid-ravaged Ohio refuses to let his officers carry Narcan, used to save people who OD

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$5 billion buys over 71 million Narcan doses to prevent opioid overdoses. We could save a lot of lives.

Some hopeful news: Demi Lovato is stable after being administered Narcan, to reverse the effects of her overdose.

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#BREAKING : TMZ is now reporting a source close to pop singer Demi Lovato says she did not OD on heroin. The source wouldn't say what drug caused Lovato to OD but that she was reportedly given Narcan.

Law enforcement sources tell us Demi was treated with Narcan -- an emergency treatment for narcotic overdoses -- at her home. We've confirmed the OD occurred at her house in the Hollywood Hills. For more:

.: and Adapt Pharma have partnered to give 40,000 doses of Narcan, an anti-overdose nasal spray, to colleges nationwide.

'I don't do Narcan:' Sheriff in Ohio county with 192 overdose deaths won't let deputies carry the treatment drug.