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Forget the dystopian nightmare we're all going through right now and spend twenty minutes with @chrisbrogan  and me, reliving the highs of the 80s, 90s and early Aughts, including AOL, Napster, and BBS's. :)

#15yrsago  Hilary Rosen: napster'>Killing Napster didn't bring market control Stiglitz: spending cut #10yrsagos  won't cure recession CNN mistakes a Pride Parade flag covered in d #5yrsagoildos  for the ISIS flag 6/

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Napster Founder’s ‘Screening Room’ Obtains New Patent for P2P-Polluting Anti-Piracy Tech

Napster co-founder’s internet of things network expands to Europe

Napster’s long-arm & the unbundling of content

Napster’s long-arm & the unbundling of content @om )

Was pleasantly surprised that Spotify had this old Napster fav of mine. Just a great liver version on Round Here by Counting Crows

« I founded an internet company that let folks download and share music for free. - Kind of like Napster ? - Exactly… Like Napster. - What do you mean ? - I founded Napster. - Sean Parker founded Napster. - Nice to meet you. »


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EXCLUSIVE: Former Facebook prez and Napster founder Sean Parker bankrolled the super PAC of race-baiting Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith.

Lars Ulrich on Metallica's darkest times, what Napster battle taught him and more

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And he created Napster.. people forget that.. “Drop the “The””

Happy birthday Prince! I hope you party like it's 1999. That involves listening to Destiny's Child on Napster and worrying about Y2K.

Rhapsody rebrands itself as Napster because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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#TDSBreakingNews IRS still using 13-year old Windows XP, plan to update it once they finish downloading The Black Album off Napster.

Napster didn’t last long, but the ‘culture of free’ it created did

Napster turns 15 tomorrow. Relive 1999 with this list of nostalgic throwbacks:

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