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Things are seriously wrong within the TMC & they are also seeing the wind of change: Nalin Kohli@NalinSKohli ), Spokesperson BJP. #BattleForBengal  Watch#BrassTacks  with @Zakka_Jacob .

Here's what Nalin Kohli@NalinSKohli ), Spokesperson BJP & Pawan Khera@Pawankhera ), Spokesperson Congress had to say over Deep Sidhu's arrest. Watch#BrassTacks  with @Zakka_Jacob .

'Foreign Destructive Ideology' mentions forces that are inimical to India & Indians' welfare: @NalinSKohli , Spokesperson, BJP, tells Rahul Shivshankar on INDIA UPFRONT. @DineshVarsh , Leader, CPI, responds to Nalin Kohli. | #ModiVsAndolanjeevis 

What we saw on Republic Day was that Farmers taking route they were not supposed to, breaking barriers and getting violent also insulting the Flag, those were not BJP Cadres, the truth is out there: BJP Spokesperson, Nalin Kohli@NalinSKohli ) tells @Zakka_Jacob  on #BrassTacks 

We have seen Congress has double standards. When they are in government they are pro reforms: Nalin Kohli@NalinSKohli ), BJP Spokesperson. #FarmersVsGovt  Watch#NewsEpicentre  with @maryashakil .

We need to wait for the final order of SC tomorrow. SC is also concerned about the welfare of the people of India like the government: Nalin Kohli@NalinSKohli ), BJP Spokesperson. #FarmersVsGovt  Watch#NewsEpicentre  with @maryashakil .

#NewParliamentBuilding | The parliament building is almost 100 years old. It is inadequate. It was never designed for having large RS: Nalin Kohli@NalinSKohli ), Spokesperson BJP. Join the broadcast with @AnchorAnandN  on #TheRightStand .

#NewParliamentBuilding | There is no violation of SC order. No construction has started: Nalin Kohli@NalinSKohli ), Spokesperson BJP. Join the broadcast with @AnchorAnandN  on #TheRightStand .


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Why is India’s BJP fielding a far-right Hindu nationalist candidate who is *on trial for terrorism*? Which other democracy does this happen in? On today’s , I ask BJP spokesman Nalin Kohli - watch his response and our exchange:

New clip: in my interview with him, BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli defends his party's use of the word "termites", to describe undocumented immigrants, as a "perfectly apt analogy" because they "drain" resources and "eat you up hollow" - watch:

Why is India’s BJP fielding a candidate who is facing terrorism charges? @mehdirhasan  asked Nalin Kohli, spokesperson for Bharatiya Janata Party. Full episode on @AJUpFront : #IndiaElections2019 

Nalin Kohli, BJP: Respect every son&daughter of India who sacrificed their lives for motherland. What Pragya ji has said, that would evidently be her point of view perhaps because she herself underwent an investigation. We salute sacrifice of Karkare ji & won't do politics on it.

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How can ministers spend public money to defend personal cases that have no connection to official duties, asks Nalin Kohli#AAPKaNuksaan 

Immediately after Uri PM Modi had tweeted that it would not go unpunished: Nalin Kohli on the #SurgicalStrike 

When Jarnail Singh threw a slipper at P. Chidambaram, they (AAP) rewarded him with a ticket: Nalin Kohli, BJP

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If there was no Pandit Nehru as the Prime Minister of India, there would have been no Kashmir problem: Nalin Kohli, BJP #Modi365 

Can you believe it Prof Anand Kumar, the most respected professor is arrested and Nalin Kohli is roaming free #BiasedDelhiPolice 

My column on - Nalin Kohli, Please Explain BJP's Funds

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