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Zahawi may have been sacked from the Cabinet but he is still very much on manoeuvres; furious that, as he sees it, Sir Laurie did not give him sufficient time to explain the timeline of his dealings with HMRC. ✍ @MatthewdAncona 

🔵 Several Conservative MPs suggested Rishi Sunak should be stripped of power to appoint Nadhim Zahawi’s replacement

Nadhim Zahawi said MPs should face recall for 'any wrongdoing' before he was elected in 2010

💪 Rishi Sunak wanted to send a message when sacking Zahawi that he was upholding a higher level of standards than his predecessors

"We should demand high standards in public life. Zahawi has not only fallen below them – but worse, refuses to accept he has", says @_SeanOGrady  #NadhimZahawi 

Labour demands Sunak reveals non-dom tax status costs after Zahawi row

🔴 Ex-ministers fear the investigation into Raab could do further damage to Rishi Sunak’s premiership after Nadhim Zahawi's sacking


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Suella Braverman broke the ministerial code. Sunak put her back in the Cabinet a few days later. So did Priti Patel. Johnson promoted her. You can see why Zahawi thought he could style it out. Bunch of cocky chancers propelled to power on the turbo-charged bollocks of Brexit…

the story so far: Pincher Tractorgate Owen Paterson Greensill Capital Partygate Mustique the £800,000 loan wallpapergate Lebedev peerage Warburton secret hampers the £150k treehouse Zahawi tax Williamson bullying Imran Ahmad Khan Raab bullying Patel bullying illegal prorogation

BELIEVE WE CAN DO THIS Because we can. Together we can bring this disgusting corruption to its knees. We are doing this as equals...all of us with a vote and all of us equal. "Zahawi was no match for the power of social media " Simon Kelner

The number of times that Nadhim Zahawi breached the ministerial code of conduct over more than 18 months is breathtaking. Really quite extraordinary. It is almost comic that he did not include details of the outcome of the HMRC investigation in his declaration of interests...

This weekend coming up... The links between Greensill who went into liquidation owing the UK almost £400m lent by Tory gov, and Zahawi (whose phone messages were conveniently deleted) and the BBC chairman Richard Sharp. And of course David Cameron, the former Tory Prime minister

If the BBC do not have cameras outside their chairman’s house in the morning, and whichever multi million pad Johnson is currently freeloading, then their reputation as serious news gatherers is further seriously damaged. Zahawi and Sharp should be gone by the morning. 1/2

NADHIM ZAHAWI THREATENED @DanNeidle TO STOP HIM PUBLISHING CORRECT ANALYSIS OF ZAHAWI'S DODGY TAX POSITION In Dec, Dan was threatened by Z's lawyers and referred them to the Solicitors Regulator, Dan won, weeks later Zahawi now has to pay the tax. GO DAN👏

To put in context multi millionaire Nadhim Zahawi threatening nurses & ambulance paramedics with bringing in soldiers to break their strike, it’s worth remembering his expenses claim which included heating his horses’ stables was more than a nurse on starting pay is asking for.

Nadhim Zahawi should focus on why life is getting harder for most people in Britain after 12 years of his party being in power rather than make hateful slurs against me. His sorry attempt to excuse his previous support for Johnson trivialises the fight against antisemitism.

UK’s new chancellor of the exchequer Nadhim Zahawi used company in tax haven to buy his Warwickshire constituency home.