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Join us for this #IAEAGC  event and meet the winners of the Achievement Awards in Plant Mutation Breeding and Associated Biotechnologies:

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India's 'Black Tigers' Have Unusually Thick Stripes Thanks to a Genetic Mutation

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South Africa could become COVID ‘mutation factory’ because of large HIV-infected population, scientists say

South Africa could become COVID ‘mutation factory’ because of large HIV-infected population, scientists say

The five-year project will compare #Crispr-edited  plants against wheat in which asparagine synthesis has been altered using older chemical-induced mutation methods

The result of a rare mutation in one gene, Transmembrane Aminopeptidase Q or Taqpep, recessively inherited variants of which are responsible for the marks in domestic #cats  and king #cheetahs .

Researchers have zeroed in on a rare mutation that results in large, merged stripes that cause the tiger to appear black #Science 

It's Trantor v. Arrakis, Atreides v. Seldon, spice v. psychohistory, the mule v. the sandworm, telepathic mutation v. the weirding way, Encyclopedia Galactica v. diary of Princess Irulan

#Tamilnadu CM M. K. Stalin inaugurates genome sequencing laboratory to identify the mutation of Corona virus at Chennai. The lab has been constructed at a cost of Rs. 4 crore.


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New evidence from UK, Israel and Massachusetts shows vaccines enhance virus mutation into more dangerous forms jeopardizing the unvaccinated and vaccinated alike. "It's not the unvaccinated who are driving mutations; it's the vaccinated."

Canada's government is poised to pass a "harmful content" regulation. It's a worst-in-class mutation of a dangerous idea that's swept the globe, in which governments demand that hamfisted tech giants remove broad categories of speech - too swiftly for meaningful analysis. 1/

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How #SARSCoV2  gets into our cells and Delta's enhanced capability involving its altered furin cleavage site, P681R mutation, and yet to be fully defined mechanism for its very high transmissibility new & outstanding feature @NatureNews  @Scudellari 

The WHO said all approved vaccines—BioNTech-Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Sinopharm—have proven effective against COVID-19 variants, including the mutation identified in India.

The events of January 6th were a faith-based initiative, and Trumpism is a Christian nationalist movement. Magical religious thinking is a virus, and QAnon is just its current mutation. #Religulous 

BREAKING: New study suggests Pfizer coronavirus vaccine protects against a mutation in variants that erupted in Britain and South Africa.

JUST IN: Two Japanese citizens test positive for new coronavirus mutation after returning from the United Kingdom

JUST IN: Saudi Arabia closes all its borders to all countries amid concerns over coronavirus mutation

The second person ever to be cured of HIV is still free of active virus more than two years on, a study reveals. He underwent a stem cell transplant to treat lymphoma and his donor carried a mutation known as CCR5-delta 32, which made him resistant to HIV.

My US based friend,a scientist Ramesh Swamy informs me that a US researcher has found: “the #COVID19  strain in India is a less virulent mutation. Uniquely it is able to be targetted and defeated more effectively by our body’s natural defensive mechanism than the strains abroad.”