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Jordanian officials claimed that teachers were under the Muslim Brotherhood's sway. That claim is overblown

The president spending the day critiquing Howard Zinn reminds me of stories about when the Muslim Brotherhood gained political control in Egypt during a global economic crisis and spent the time arguing about whether the government should support non halal foods or whatever

@FHeisbourg  Kuwait will be the last of the Gulf states to normalize with Israel — likely after Qatar. Large and influential Muslim Brotherhood, Salafist and Shiite Islamist movements (also in parliament) and a potential for destabilization with Iran and Iraq next door.

A schism of young Muslim Brotherhood members in several countries, including Qatar, Turkey and Sudan, recently announced their split from the organization

A group of young people disaffected with the Muslim Brotherhood in several countries, including Qatar, Turkey and Sudan, recently announced their split from the organization

Youths from Arab countries are splitting from the Muslim Brotherhood and forming an independent current organization, in response to the latter's failure to solve the crisis of detainees in Egypt.

Muslim Brotherhood teachers took advantage of the #Saudi  monarchy's decision - dating back to the 1960s - to involve them in establishing educational institutes. But instead of developing the educational discourse, they imposed their politicalised interpretations of Islam 1/3

Will arrest of leader disable Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?


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Islamic culture is flourishing across India. The influence of Sufism spreads the message of love, peace and brotherhood. The Government of India is leaving no stone unturned in empowering the Muslim youth. We want them to have the Quran in one hand and a computer in the other.

@RichardGrenell  called for condemnation against the Muslim Brotherhood's call to murder members of the #LGBT  community, @BenWeinthal  reports.

For a minute there I thought Biden was talking about Obama siding with the murderous terrorist regime in Tehran.  Or was it China?  Or was it Cuba?  Or was it Russia?  Or was it the Muslim Brotherhood? Or was it Hamas?

ATTN CNN You Praised Obama When He Did The Wave With Mass Murderer Castro But You Attack On Who Was NOT Ju #Khashoggit  A Journalist He Was A Muslim Brotherhood Operative Disguised As A Journalist Just Like YOU Are Democrat Operatives Disguised As Journalists

Trump Moves To Designate Muslim Brotherhood As Terror Group

Details of calls to attack Trump by US ‘Muslim Sisters’ allied to Brotherhood via @AlArabiya_Eng 

House conservatives emailing conspiracy links to each other. Fox News anchors musing about the Muslim Brotherhood. GOP candidates slamming a dissident journalist. It’s a smear campaign.

Rahul Gandhi must apologize as he has compared RSS with Muslim Brotherhood. Is Rahul Gandhi a contract killer of the idea called India?: Dr

Well, at least Don Jr. didn't meet with individuals connected to the Muslim Brotherhood & Cair like Obama did; at...