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“Think of a vaccine like a seatbelt,” says Ali Velshi. “We wear one to protect ourselves from serious injury in the event of a collision. Doesn’t mean you come out of the crash completely unscathed, but it might just save your life.”

China's second Tibetan Plateau scientific expedition team completes its sampling work at Jieze Caka, a lake at the altitude of 4, 500 meters in Ali Prefecture, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region on Thursday.

Kargil War Memorial at Drass decorated to celebrate 22nd #VijayDiwas . Sameer Desai, a visitor from Gujarat expresses his joy for being at Drass. Report: Anayat Ali

The draft Bill put out in the public domain by the Uttar Pradesh Law Commission on July 7 is badly drafted and replete with various threats and blandishments which will do little to bring down the birth rate in the state. | Subhashini Ali writes.

MISSING PERSON: Police say Zokee Muhammad boarded the bus at the intersection of Lone and Harwood Streets and has not been seen since. Anyone with information on his whereabouts should contact Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000.

Some celebrities are obviously Irish while others, like Muhammed Ali, are a little harder to spot #Irishcelebs  #irishroots 

After her husband died trying to save his girls in a rip current, Ali Joy found a way to turn tragedy into a life-saving mission:

Congratulations to all winners of the #SportsHumanitarianAwards ! Thank you to @bmsnews  for sponsoring the Stuart Scott Enspire Award, @DoveMenCare  for presenting the Muhammed Ali Sports Humanitarian Award, & all who supported this year's Sports Humanitarian Awards. 📷: ESPN

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#SaudiArabia 's Ali Al-Khadrawi table tennis star is just minutes away from getting hi @Tokyo2020  @Olympics  campaign started, watch him from 09:45AM


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This is a horror story about a man named Zayn al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn. The CIA tortured him to the point he became catatonic, as a test case for its torture program. But he wasn’t who they thought he was. 15 yrs ago they admitted it. He’s still in a cage

Turkish social media was heartbroken over the viral photo of a Syrian refugee shoeshine boy staring in from the outside of a southeast Turkey gym (left). So the gym gave the 12-year-old Muhammad Hussein a free lifetime membership. (right, DHA photo)

Dancing is never canceled 🌟 Little Muhammad in Pakistan reminds us to keep moving on #InternationalDanceDay .

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“How come is everything white?” Muhammad Ali appeared on Parkinson in 1971.

And in a separate video, Ali Alexander, a far-right activist and conspiracy theorist who emerged as a leader of Stop the Steal, claimed that he, along with Mr. Brooks, Mr. Gosar and Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona, had set the Jan. 6 event in motion.

Muhammad Ali’s son: dad would’ve hated racist BLM

REMINDER: Americans didn't like John Lewis when he was protesting w/SNCC. Americans didn't like Ali when he refused to go to Vietnam. Americans didn't like @Kaepernick7  when he took a knee for police brutality. Freedom fighters don't do stuff to be liked. They do it for JUSTICE.

Just spoke to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali of Ethiopia. His Country needs Ventilators, and the U.S. is in good position to help him. We will!

Hit the shimmy after the dodging 21 punches. Iconic. Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali ?