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The torch relay at the #Tokyo2020  Olympics ended with the tennis star Naomi Osaka lighting the cauldron. She followed in the footsteps of Muhammad Ali, Paavo Nurmi, Rafer Johnson, Midori Ito, Yuna Kim and Wayne Gretzky.

Naomi Osaka, who will represent Japan in tennis in the Tokyo Olympics, lit the Olympic cauldron during the opening ceremony. The honor, which has previously been held by sports legends like Muhammad Ali and hockey great Wayne Gretzky, signals the official start of the Games.

Noble Laureate professor Muhammad Yunus has received the prestigious Olympic Laurel award at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic 2020.

Dalilah Muhammad, 31, held the world record in the 400-meter hurdles. But she lost it to Sydney McLaughlin at the Olympic trials. The Tokyo Games will be Muhammad’s chance to defend her 2016 gold medal in an event packed with talent.

Nobel laureate professor Muhammad Yunus has called for ensuring vaccine equality around the world noting that all people need to be safe breaking the wall of profit.

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority will honor Shirley Muhammad, a part-time bus operator, on Friday with a 60 second bus pullover.

"I support civil protests, if it is done not for political reasons but for human reasons." Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, a committee member for the 2012 Games, says he supports athletes taking the knee as it is an "expression of their feelings". #Tokyo2020 :

Following in the footsteps of Muhammad Ali, Paavo Nurmi, Rafer Johnson, Midori Ito, Yuna Kim and Wayne Gretzky, Osaka climbed a stylized Mount Fuji in the form of a pyramid to light the cauldron on top

This was the year that Cassius Clay won the heavyweight championship and became Muhammad Ali, when Arnold Palmer claimed his fourth and final Masters, and when the Beatles arrived on a Pan Am flight from London to play their first concert in the US.


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Today the Government proposed a bill to protect the emotional harm connected with the damaging of statues. If people can understand the emotional connections to statues, then they can understand the connection Muslims have with the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ #NotJustACartoon .

This is a horror story about a man named Zayn al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn. The CIA tortured him to the point he became catatonic, as a test case for its torture program. But he wasn’t who they thought he was. 15 yrs ago they admitted it. He’s still in a cage

“How come is everything white?” Muhammad Ali, 1971

Turkish social media was heartbroken over the viral photo of a Syrian refugee shoeshine boy staring in from the outside of a southeast Turkey gym (left). So the gym gave the 12-year-old Muhammad Hussein a free lifetime membership. (right, DHA photo)

Dancing is never canceled 🌟 Little Muhammad in Pakistan reminds us to keep moving on #InternationalDanceDay .

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“How come is everything white?” Muhammad Ali appeared on Parkinson in 1971.

On this day in 1965, Muhammad Ali gave us one of the most iconic images in sports history as the 🐐 defeated Sonny Liston in their rematch. “Get up and fight, sucker!” (AP Photo/John Rooney)

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Muhammad Ali’s son: dad would’ve hated racist BLM

Hit the shimmy after the dodging 21 punches. Iconic. Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali ?