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@susannecraig  @matthewherperO  @russbuettnern  @mmcintiree  notable aspect of this is that it has sat in law enforcement and courts for >4 years, never touched by the Mueller investigation, and that it took the to @nytimes  get it out there. Thank you!

Mueller and a whole slew of IRS agents failed the nation. Point blank and the period.

Maybe Mueller failed because he stopped following the money trail

Where Law Ends review: why Mueller failed to hold Trump to account

Boy the way Glen Miller played, Songs that made the hit parade, Guys like us we had it made, Those were the days American voters are much more perceptive than many pols admit. April 22, 2019: Many RejectMueller’s Findings But Not Sure Why.

If @senatemajldr  tries to force through a #Trump  #SCOTUS  nominee, @SenSchumer  and the rest of the Democrats should bring Senate business to a halt, argues @Princeton 's mueller'>Jan-Werner Mueller.

Flashback: June 2, 2019 Mueller as the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee? Trump vs. Mueller, and The Winner Is …

The #NYPD , RobertMueller's team, and a man who burned cop cars in Seattle all appear in this week's Apple Crime Blotter.

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CHRIS MUELLER: The Steelers are 2-0 and have looked pretty good in the process. But now a true test looms in Deshaun Watson. Houston may be 0-2, but Watson and the Texans are the first major challenge of the season for the Steelers.


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When two dozen phones belonging to RobertMueller’s crooked henchmen magically all get erased how is anyone supposed to have any faith in our justice system? Imagine how long all the witnesses they railroaded would be in jail for if they had done that “by accident?”

ALERT: So now we find out that the entire Mueller “hit squad” illegally wiped their phones clean just prior to the investigation of them, all using the same really dumb reason for this “accident”, just like Crooked Hillary smashing her phones with a hammer, & DELETING HER EMAILS!

....It has now been determined that the Mueller Scam should never have been set up in the first place, there were no grounds. It was all an illegitimate Witch Hunt, & a big price must be paid. How different my life would have been if this fraud on America was never committed!!!

All that time and money spent, and it turns out that the Mueller Investigation was a total SCAM!

FBI Director Christopher Wray just admitted that the FISA Warrants and Survailence of my campaign were illegal. So was the Fake Dossier. THEREFORE, THE WHOLE SCAM INVESTIGATION, THE MUELLER REPORT AND EVERYTHING ELSE FOR THREE YEARS, WAS A FIXED HOAX. WHO PAYS THE PRICE?....

Is James Comey and his band of Dirty Cops going to apologize to General Michael Flynn (and many others) for what they have done to ruin his life? What about Robert Mueller and his Angry Democrat Cronies - Are they going to say, SO SORRY? And what about Obama & Biden?

So they now convict Roger Stone of lying and want to jail him for many years to come. Well, what about Crooked Hillary, Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Shifty Schiff, Ohr & Nellie, Steele & all of the others, including even Mueller himself? Didn’t they lie?....

The Supreme Court sends case back to Lower Court, arguments to continue. This is all a political prosecution. I won the Mueller Witch Hunt, and others, and now I have to keep fighting in a politically corrupt New York. Not fair to this Presidency or Administration!

Speaker Pelosi just ripped up: One of our last surviving Tuskegee Airmen. The survival of a child born at 21 weeks. The mourning families of Rocky Jones and Kayla Mueller. A service member's reunion with his family. That's her legacy.

Congratulations to Attorney General Bill Barr for taking charge of a case that was totally out of control and perhaps should not have even been brought. Evidence now clearly shows that the Mueller Scam was improperly brought & tainted. Even Bob Mueller lied to Congress!