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“On Nov. 4, you won’t be hearing so much about it. COVID COVID COVID,” Mr. Trump told supporters in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

How Simpson's characters would vote. Where am I right or wrong? For Biden Lisa Marge Smithers Krusty Quimby Patty Selma Brockman Professor Frink For Trump Homer Flanders Mr. Burns Chief Wiggum Grandpa Simpson Lovejoy Nelson Moe Barney McBain Libertarian Bart

Yikes! “[Biden] has the backing of 73% of Philadelphia voters, down from 83% for Mrs. Clinton in 2016... Mr. Trump was supported by 24% of Philadelphians, nine points ahead of his exit poll numbers in 2016”

“..on Monday, Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, played into a racist stereotype by seeming to question whether Black Americans ‘want to be successful’ despite what he said Mr. Trump had done for them.” (via @anniekarni ⁩)

Mr Trump's mishandling of covid-19—and continuing denial of its seriousness—has hurt him in the Midwest

Mr Bearbull: Americans face an invidious choice on 3 November. But, on one view, Donald Trump may be the less bad candidate

"The virus has proved itself immune to Mr. Trump’s 'optics is everything' blizzard of disinformation. Voters are now rendering their judgment, as will history." #NYTLetters 

Mr Trump's prospects in the Midwest look far less rosy than in 2016. Mr Biden outperforms him across the region

Mr. Trump also shows modest but meaningful strength among Black voters, who back Mr. Biden by a margin of 78 percent to 12 percent.

"On paper, Mr. Trump’s policies are more business-friendly than Mr. Biden’s," wrote @greg_ip  @KThomasDC 


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as protesters march on Trump Tower in Chicago & the White House, a frank media might point out the death of Mr.Floyd happened under a democrat mayor, democrat senator, democrat governor, with a democrat county prosecutor. the only person who did shit was a republican. Trump.

While Donald Trump paid just $750 in U.S. federal income taxes during the first year of his presidency, he paid $188,561 in taxes to China. How's that for America first? So much, Mr. President, for standing up to the big, bad communist government of China. What a fraud.

So let me get this right. The closing argument from the Trump campaign is Joe Biden is a Mr. Rogers who will listen to the scientists on COVID?

This NBC thing with Mr. Trump is a complete setup. Ms. Guthrie is hostile. Meanwhile, it’s a smooch fest between Stephanopolus and Biden on ABC.

Mr. Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord and eased Obama-Biden climate regulations, and the U.S. is still leading the world in CO2 reductions.

Mr. President: You attack “socialized medicine” every single day. Well, let's be clear. The excellent care you received at Walter Reed was at a 100% government-funded, government run hospital. For Trump, "socialized medicine" is bad for everyone but himself. Total hypocrisy!

Today, Trump announced that if he is re-elected he will permanently defund Social Security. That may make sense to the billionaires at his country club, but it makes zero sense to me. No, Mr. President. We will not let you destroy Social Security. We will defeat you – badly.

Trump just had peaceful demonstrators viciously attacked. No, Mr. President. This is not a dictatorship. This is the United States of America. Our citizens have a constitutional right to peacefully protest. It's called the First Amendment.

“President Trump is a ratings hit. Since reviving the daily White House briefing Mr. Trump and his coronavirus updates have attracted an average audience of 8.5 million on cable news, roughly the viewership of the season finale of ‘The Bachelor.’ Numbers are continuing to rise...

What I really like about Mr. Trump is how true to his word he always is.

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