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Motorists can expect moderate traffic delays in the areas surrounding the campaign events today.

A driver on Tuesday expressed his displeasure with the long lines of cars and motorists rushing to have their RFIDs installed before the implementation of cashless payments along expressways.

#OpDriveInsured | We're joining police around the country to target uninsured motorists. Uninsured/untraced motorists cause +26,000 casualties each year. Stopping them will save lives. Know someone who's driving without insurance? Let us know ➡️

Modifying or eliminating the unnecessary #E15  pump label is long overdue. The label’s jack-o-lantern color scheme 🎃and frightening language deters motorists from trying a cheaper, cleaner fuel option. #ethanol 

Police in Wales have been enforcing the new rules - and showing motorists what happens when they break them

The wait is finally over for south east motorists! After five long years, Kingsford Smith Drive is officially open for business with all road upgrades complete. @anniepullar  #9News 

A spot check on a number of these petrol stations showed they offer motorists discounts of up to Sh3 per litre on super petrol and Sh4 per litre on diesel.

With wet, if not icy, roads this week, AAA Oklahoma warns motorists to avoid being caught off guard.

Shocked motorists say a man was pushed from a moving car and then run over by its trailer at #Ashmore . Police are still looking for the BMW, which they say did not stop. The man remains in #GoldCoast  University Hospital. See the full story, 5.30pm on #9News 

Multiple motorists ended up with flat tires Sunday after a truck lost a load of wood screws on Interstate 90 near Snoqualmie Pass, officials said.


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A large inflatable duck escaped a charity event in Des Moines, Iowa, after breaking free of its tethers, and was spotted tumbling down a road as motorists calmly drive by.

Dear Black Lives Matter, you do not have a constitutional right to impede the flow of traffic and terrorize motorists.

In an effort to ensure public safety, pedestrians and motorists are encouraged to avoid 15th and 17th streets between Constitution Avenue and H street and 16th street between H and I.

In an effort to ensure public safety, pedestrians and motorists are encouraged to avoid streets and parks near the White House complex.

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MAKE WAY FOR DUCKS: Motorists in Maine patiently waited for dozens of ducks to make their way safely across the road—even down to the last two stragglers.

@MB_mrtnsdngdng  Roland and Gloria de Vela helps motorists remove ash coming from the erupting taal volcano just in the boundary of Amadeo and Tagaytay. | via @JuanCarloDeVel3 

Officials at Joshua Tree National Park say some of the iconic trees and landscape have been damaged by visitors and motorists during the government shutdown.

Price of travelling since 1997: ⬇️car down by 16% ⬇️domestic flights down 16% ⬆️train up by 23% ⬆️coaches and buses up 33% There's no war on motorists. There's a war on ppl who can't afford a car, or want to leave it at home. #Budget2017 

Motorists: if you drive behind a coach on the motorway, you can use its wi-fi.

Being warned by passing motorists of a speed trap ahead restores your faith in human nature.