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Inside Mossad's super-spy death squads who 'executed Iran nuke mastermind'

The @simonwiesenthal  Center for over a year has acted in support of a Spanish Jewish employee accused of spying for the Mossad and subject to a “slanderous... defamatory... campaign with #antisemitic  overtones.”

"A senior Syrian official denied asylum in France due to concerns of possible involvement in war crimes was spirited out of the country with help from the Israeli secret service Mossad to Austria, where he was helped to start a new life."

Intelligence officials say there is little doubt that Israel was behind the killing — it had all the hallmarks of a precisely timed operation by Mossad, the country’s spy agency.

Exclusive: Syrian general accused of war crimes 'given new life in Europe by Mossad' (Campbell MacDiarmid / Telegraph)

Murdered Iranian scientist had been targeted by multiple Israeli PMs, Mossad chiefs, report alleges

Iranian diplomat on trial over plan to bomb a rally where Rudy Giuliani was the keynote speaker but Mossad tipped off the police #WallSt 


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Few days ago Netanyahu and Mossad (Israeli intelligence) chief travel to Saudi to meet with Pompeo and MBS. Today, a top Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated. Must be a coincidence. 👀

"Qanon" pushes for regime change in #Iran , mirroring long held CIA, Mossad and neocon goals.

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In Russia, is a MI6 agent; In US, a Russian agent; In Iran, a Mossad agent; In Saudi, an Iranian agent; In Libya, a CIA agent. World wide establishments accuse those who expose them of being the enemy of the people.

#BREAKING in Israel: Netanyahu twice asked the Mossad to prepare an attack on Iran & 2 successive Mossad heads gauged it was an illegal order. Meir Dagan in 2010 & Tamir Pardo in 2011 both resisted PM’s order on legal grounds. Wow.

Clinton campaign pushing lame conspiracy smear that we are Russian agents. Last time we were Mossad. Get it right.

Now imagine if the same barbarism was inflicted on an FBI sleuth in America, an FSB operative in Russia, an MSS official in China, a Mossad man in Israel, or a DGFI guy in Bangladesh. We know how they would respond. I want to see how India responds. #delhivoilence 

Here's the first in a special series of @NewYorker  excerpts from Catch and Kill—about how a pair of private detectives became embroiled in an international plot involving former Mossad agents, Harvey Weinstein, and an operation to shut down my reporting:

I met w/ PM , the Director of Mossad, & the Israeli Atomic Energy Commissioner. Discussions included our ongoing efforts to expand & enhance our historic partnership w/ Israel, our mutual response to the threat from Iran, & the coordinated U.S. drawdown in Syria.

The family of a Palestinian scholar, shot dead in Kuala Lumpur, blames Israel's Mossad for his killing.

Last night a group was talking about Farrow's expose & someone pointed out the obvious: if Rose McGowan had told the story of the Mossad spies earlier, everyone would have simply assumed she was nuts.