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#UPDATE  German prosecutors say they have filed spying charges against a man suspected of passing floorplans of parliament to Russian secret services, in a new case that risks further inflaming tensions between Berlin and Moscow

All diplomatic routes to Moscow go through Berlin. EU needs to address Germany's bilateral relationship with Russia - rather than impose sanctions that are symbolic. -

My latest podcast features the best bits from podcasts over the last 18 months - from Hong Kong, Moscow, Berlin etc. Features all the big geopolitical issues - plus how the pandemic has upended world affairs.

Moscow unaware of reported US-German Nord Stream 2 talks, assumes Berlin wants project completed

Germany's president Steinmeier has ruffled feathers by saying that Berlin should buy energy from Moscow because of WWII atrocities. Forgetting that most Nazi horrors took place in today's Ukraine (major critic of Russo-German energy dealings) and Belarus.

From snow storm to sun. Kudos to @aeroflot  and the ground crew @svoglobal  for getting us from Moscow to Berlin on time in weather even Russians call #snowpocalypse 

Snow snaps by @AFP  photographers: Justin Tallis at Buckingham Place and Trafalgar Square in London. Astrid Vellguth at the Old National Gallery in Berlin. Yuri Kadobnov on the Moskva river in Kolomenskoye park, Moscow Moscow

BERLIN (AP) — #Germany , #Poland  and #Sweden  on Monday each declared a #Russia  diplomat in their country “persona non grata,” retaliating in kind to last week’s decision by Moscow to expel diplomats from the three European Union countries.

BERLIN, Feb 8 (Reuters) - Germany expelled an employee of Russia's embassy in Berlin in a tit-for-tat response to Moscow's expulsion last week of a German diplomat, the Berlin Foreign Office said on Monday.

BERLIN (AP) — Germany declares Russian diplomat 'persona non grata' in response to Moscow's expulsion of European diplomats last week.


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5 months after being poisoned and then airlifted to Berlin for treatment, @navalny  is returning to Moscow aboard #DP936 . Follow the live flight at

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Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny leaves Berlin on a Moscow-bound plane, returning to Russia five months after Novichok poisoning

VIDEO: DERURussian opposition figure Alexei#Navalny  , who has spent five months in Berlin recovering from a poisoning attack, is on a plane heading back to Moscow. Navalny risks being arrested on arrival, but told reporters on board that he was "an innocent person "

#BREAKING Plane carrying Kremlin critic Navalny leaves Berlin for Moscow

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Russian authorities have waged a relentless campaign against Navalny. They must immediately and unconditionally release prominent Kremlin critic, Aleksei Navalny, detained minutes after he arrived at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport from Berlin.

"Hitler's alligator" has died in Moscow zoo. He was 84! Rus TV says Saturn born in US in 1936, moved to Berlin zoo but escaped in bombing raids. In 1946 British soldiers found him & handed to Soviets. Surely one of the great 20th century alligator lives

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From @WSJopinion : The belief in Beijing, Moscow and Berlin is that Trump can be ignored and the U.S. can no longer lead the globe, writes @wrmead 

Universities in the world's top 500. 1. London: 15 2. Paris: 10 3. Boston: 8 4. Seoul: 7 4. Melbourne: 7 6. Hong Kong: 6 7. Sydney: 5 7. Dublin: 5 7. NY: 5 10. Berlin: 4 10. Tokyo: 4 10. Moscow: 4 (Times Higher Education)

Cost of Nike or Adidas shoes. ($ US) Zurich: $150 Dubai: $119 Paris: $110 Sydney: $109 Riyadh: $102 London: $101 Shanghai: $101 Rome: $101 NY: $93 Moscow: $89 Mexico City: $87 Rio de Janeiro: $82 Berlin: $76 Tokyo: $75 Delhi: $64 Lagos: $63 Istanbul: $59 (Deutsche Bank)

U.S. nuclear war plans in 1959 included "destruction" of East Berlin, Moscow and Beijing.

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