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One of my all time FAVES Mos Def "Lifetime" Pitch perfect with a headnod angled with one eye looking with reminiscent nostalgia to the PAST + one eye looking forward following kick-snare upbeat tempo motivating a march to the FUTURE

Does not touch me at all if you don’t wish me happy birthday, so mos def won't care about someone else’s!! ;-)

#FRESHON947 [BIRTHDAY SONG] The following people celebrate their birthdays today!!! Whose song should we play??? #ThereCanOnlyBeOne  1. mos def'>Rapper-actor Mos Def 2. DJ Yella of NWA 3. Singer Jermaine Jackson of Jackson 5 4. Curtis Williams of Kool & The Gang

Riz Ahmed on Mos Def’s “Black on Both Sides”: "It’s an album that keeps on giving."

⬇️ TODAY IN HIP-HOP ⬇️ 1999: Mos Def releases the classic Black on Both Sides What’s the dopest song on here?

@lpolovets  Exactly. But first must complete alpha build mode to quantum leap to massively hyperscale the nonlinear parallels of multiple rails. A zillion edge cases before we are feature complete to lift factory gate. Should be ready 6 to 10 weeks which is sooner than 3 mos maybe, 6 mos def

Internet Is Convinced Sara Jay Smashed Mos Def's Hype Man's Kufi To Smithereens; One Fish, Two Fish Flaming Ensues

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Mos Def is one of the coldest to come out of Brooklyn ❄️

To people making mean comments about my GG pics, I mos def cried about it on that private jet on my way to my dream job last night. #JK 

Rappers Who Have Never Won a Grammy 2Pac Biggie Nas Snoop Dogg DMX Mos Def Run-D.M.C. KRS-One There's a lot more:

Mos Def's debut album 'Black on Both Sides' was released 18 years ago today on October 12, 1999. What's your favorite track?

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Mos Def challenged everyone to a rap battle and Lupe Fiasco was the first to respond.