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Scott Morrison’s university cuts only harm the international reputation of Australia’s universities #qt  #auspol  @ScottMorrisonMP  @DanTehanWannon 

Those with a keen eye might notice that Scott Morrison’s shark is self-inflating. And the photograph wasn’t a selfie.

Scott Morrison’s complete failure to get Australians home sooner has only exacerbated uncertainty about when international students may be able to return to our universities #qt  #auspol  @ScottMorrisonMP  @DanTehanWannon 

Shoppers praise Morrisons for selling pre-packed bags of shopping for food banks

Not on my watch? Morrison’s tough talk on Australia Post at odds with government’s record | The New Daily

You're spoilt for choice for toy sales at the moment. Morrisons' is in store only and includes Lego, Playmobil, Peppa Pig and Hot Wheels #MSEDeals 

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Glitter bans offer retailers a way to burnish their environmental bona fides without having to alter how they operate. Morrisons adopted its anti-glitter stance so customers enjoy the holidays “without worrying about the environmental impact”

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Grocer 33 service & availability: Perfect standards secure @Morrisons  the win

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The Prime Minister has boasted about giving himself an early Christmas gift – but Scott Morrison’s wife was less than amused by the purchase.


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Murdoch has demanded the resignation of Vic Gov ministers, but no action against Morrison’s Aged Care minister- despite aged care bring a 100% federal responsibility, and despite Murphy’s testimony that early action on nursing homes would have helped. Why?

My take on two major pieces of bullshit in Morrison’s budget. 1. His $1 trillion lie on debt and deficit. 2. His other lie alleging how we irresponsibly “baked in” long-term budget expenditures during the GFC.

Given Morrison’s trillion-dollar debt-and-deficit con, it’s worth remembering how Murdoch’s #CourierFail  covered our budget at the height of the GFC. Our net debt figure then was $188Bn — five-times less than Morrison's budget — and the only advanced country to avoid recession.

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No Quid without a Quo: @KimStrassel  on President@realDonaldTrump ’s vindication after Morrison’s testimony. #AmericaFirst  #MAGA  #Dobbs 

Murdoch goon-squad (Kenny & Murray) coming out to attack anyone challenging Morrison’s negligence. Challenging my Christianity because I say a massive Hillsong event with ‘000s amidst public health crisis is irresponsible? FFS. Murdoch is one giant protection racket for Morrison.

Bradford-based supermarket Morrisons is opening its bakery, egg and fruit and veg packing sites for an extra hour every day in order to donate £10m of food to the country's struggling food banks

The writer Toni Morrison has died, at the age of eighty-eight. Read Hilton Als, from 2003, on Morrison’s legacy.

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