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An election-free period from March next year offers the Morrison government a rare opportunity to push on economic reform – if it's brave enough to try.

'Thinly disguised political research' fed into Morrison government's pandemic ads

The jobs of one in four posties are under threat, yet this government business enterprise - run by a board of former Liberal politicians & Morrison mates - is buying Cartier watches for its executives. No wonder people are angry about #inequality  #auspol 

Morrison government 'ignored' Climate Change Authority's advice on Covid recovery

"Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he was 'so appalled and shocked' by the revelations ... that the government immediately launched an investigation into the scandal." Analysis and discussion of the Australia Post situation tonight on #TheProjectTV 

Morrison government 'ignored' Climate Change Authority's advice on Covid recovery

The Morrison government has launched $135m of new taxpayer-funded advertising, most of which has been exempted from independent review.

The Climate Change Authority advised the Morrison government in July that the Covid-19 pandemic was a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to “set Australia up to prosper for generations to come” by also addressing the climate crisis.

Morrison government 'ignored' Climate Change Authority's advice on Covid recovery

The Morrison government is in no rush to introduce a federal ICAC, as Labor presses for answers over a controversial Western Sydney Airport land deal.


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The Morrison Government is increasingly corrupt. But you wouldn't know it from the Murdoch media - that giant protection racket for the Liberal National Party. Sign the #MurdochRoyalCommission 

The numbers don't lie. Morrison and the Murdoch Party finally and formally admit their entire, decade-long "debt and deficit" campaign against our government was a lie from beginning to end. #MorrisonsGiantDebtCon 

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Music legend Van Morrison says he has recorded three "protest songs" against the UK government's coronavirus lockdown measures, in which he reportedly accuses scientists of "making up crooked facts"

Greg Mullins is a former NSW fire chief who has just visited firefighters battling blazes in northern California. He has a stark #bushfire  warning for Scott Morrison and his government. #abc730  @zdaniel  #auspol 

Australia's souring relations with China have grown more bitter with the Morrison government given 10 days to stop the nation's barley producers being slapped with tariffs of up to 80 per cent

The Morrison government borrowed another $2.15 billion today: Will borrow a further $5.0 billion in the next 2 days. And they cant find $50 million for the ABC? The hit to the ABC from the government has nothing to do with money

I kid you not, I can confirm the inner sanctum of Team Morrison are actively backgrounding media against the NSW Coalition government to try and make sure the PM doesn’t wear the blame for his handling of the fires. It’s extraordinary that is their focus at the moment! #auspol 

Morrison’s claim that Labor charged Australians for tickets on charter flights out of Egypt during the 2011 uprising is an outright falsehood. The cost (about $3400 per person) was borne by the Government. Why is #ScottyfromMarketing  slugging Aussies to get them out of Wuhan?

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#BREAKING Scott Morrison says the federal government has elevated Australia's emergency response in anticipation of the WHO declaring a coronavirus pandemic #auspol 

Morrison did not follow up on Trumps request of Zelensky to investigate Bidens. He knew that such a request was not a “policy objective “ of the US government. Good point spelled out by @RepSwalwell