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Trump’s unpopularity with Mormon voters is fracturing the GOP base — and it could doom him: report

Even after President Russell M. Nelson urged the media to use @MormonNewsroom  faith’s full name and stop employing shortened forms or nicknames, most top national news sites were still using “Mormon” and “LDS” in their coverage a year later.

On this week's Mormon Land podcast, Emma Petty Addams and Christie Black talk about their group, Mormon Women for Ethical Government, and how they are seeking a peaceful, just and ethical world.

Lots of people will obviously say Trump's numbers with Mormon voters should be much worse, given... you know, everything. But to me, the 20ish-point swing away from the Republican presidential nominee is much more notable.

Gladys Knight is a Black icon and a Mormon icon A one of one, basically

The pandemic disrupted Mormon missions. These Houstonians are still determined to serve, via @ltpeyton  with @HadleyChittum  photos

There are 180,000 Latter-day Saint voters in Arizona, a state Trump won in 2016 by just 90,000 votes. Utah is likely out of reach for Dems, but Trump's underperformance with Mormon women is still worth keeping an eye on.

A women’s group targets Trump; Affirmation President Nathan Kitchen discusses the challenges LGBTQ Latter-day Saints face; Russell M. Nelson turns 96 and more. Catch up on everything that happened this week in Mormon Land with our free weekly newsletter.

On this week's Mormon Land podcast, Nathan Kitchen, president of the LGBTQ support group Affirmation, talks about the group's conference, its widening reach and the challenges facing LGBTQ Latter-day Saints.

How Steve Urquhart went from a Mormon, Republican legislator to the founder of a new church dedicated to the healing power of magic mushrooms


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some pieces of new musical theater I saw on broadway that helped me through the 00’s & 10’s Fun Home Once Band’s Visit Book of Mormon The Color Purple (‘16) Hadestown Wicked Next to Normal Spring Awakening Spelling Bee Light in the Piazza Caroline, or Change Hamilton DEH (lol)

Terrible, I know many great Mormon families with children who are missionaries or who have done missions. That they would be held for doing this and their numerous other charitable deeds is sickening! Russian police detain two Latter-day Saint volunteers

Whistleblower to IRS: Mormon Church has amassed $100 billion in tax-exempt fund rather than supporting charitable works

New: A whistleblower complaint to the IRS alleges the Mormon Church has improperly amassed a $100 billion tax-exempt investment fund and used it to bail out for-profit companies

Utah made history by electing Mia Love to Congress. She is a black female Republican Mormon. Even Unicorns said "Not buying it." #FallonMono 

A valedictorian at Brigham Young University, which is owned by the Mormon Church, just came out during his commencement address. “I am not broken," he said. "I am loved and important to the plan of our great Creator. Each of us are.” The audience let out whoops of support.

"Sen. Hatch, what will you try to sell next just to get re-elected, the Grand Canyon? Perhaps the Mormon Temple? It’s clear to almost everyone here (Republicans, independents and Democrats alike) that you’ve sold your soul and lost your way."

Singer quits Mormon Tabernacle Choir rather than sing for Trump: ‘I could never throw roses to Hitler’

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Look Deeper, He's nothing but a Globalist, Romney and Mormon Mafia Tool #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #TrumpPence16 …