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“That Mormon dominance is the most important fact about Utah politics, and it determines political outcomes. People don’t talk about it, but that’s what it is,” said retired Utah journalist Rod Decker, who wrote a book on the topic, “Utah Politics: The Elephant in the Room.”

“I think that Donald Trump will go down in history as the worst president in the history of the country. And that says a lot, because we’ve had some pretty bad ones,” former Sen. Harry Reid says on the latest episode of the “MormonLand” podcast.

Mormon mother of 6 perfectly shuts down men 'grandstanding' about abortion and women's rights

In this week's Mormon Land newsletter, the ups and downs in 2020 for the @Ch_JesusChrist .

Now that QAnon are considered to be a domestic terrorist group can someone please monitor the Mormon mommy bloggers

INBOX: Mormon Women for Ethical Government adds to the number of faith groups calling for Trump's removal, saying, "We solemnly join the rising tide of voices asking for the peaceful and lawful removal of the president of the United States."

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This guy here says hes dressed as a "freedom fighter in the Book of Mormon."

$XLE Wanna see ridiculousness in real time, look at the Energy Cohort today, Sestercii is pilling into the Permian Basin quicker than a Mormon spending 2hrs @bunnyranch 

Mormon Church Sued for Covering up Incidents of Sexual Abuse Among Boy Scouts for Decades


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some pieces of new musical theater I saw on broadway that helped me through the 00’s & 10’s Fun Home Once Band’s Visit Book of Mormon The Color Purple (‘16) Hadestown Wicked Next to Normal Spring Awakening Spelling Bee Light in the Piazza Caroline, or Change Hamilton DEH (lol)

Whistleblower to IRS: Mormon Church has amassed $100 billion in tax-exempt fund rather than supporting charitable works

New: A whistleblower complaint to the IRS alleges the Mormon Church has improperly amassed a $100 billion tax-exempt investment fund and used it to bail out for-profit companies

Utah made history by electing Mia Love to Congress. She is a black female Republican Mormon. Even Unicorns said "Not buying it." #FallonMono 

A valedictorian at Brigham Young University, which is owned by the Mormon Church, just came out during his commencement address. “I am not broken," he said. "I am loved and important to the plan of our great Creator. Each of us are.” The audience let out whoops of support.

A Mormon came to my door, and after a long, emotional, and persuasive pitch, I got him to start wearing longer sleeves.

"Sen. Hatch, what will you try to sell next just to get re-elected, the Grand Canyon? Perhaps the Mormon Temple? It’s clear to almost everyone here (Republicans, independents and Democrats alike) that you’ve sold your soul and lost your way."

Singer quits Mormon Tabernacle Choir rather than sing for Trump: ‘I could never throw roses to Hitler’

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Look Deeper, He's nothing but a Globalist, Romney and Mormon Mafia Tool #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #TrumpPence16 …