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The Trump Administration Is Fighting Its Own Space Policy #Artemis  #Moon2024  @NASA 

NASA’s full Artemis plan revealed—- thoughts? @nasa  @SciGuySpace ⁩ #Moon2024 

#WeAreGoing to the Moon — to stay — by 2024. Here's how. #Moon2024 

Lockheed Martin's monster lunar lander concept. #moon2024 

One reason I think the Moon-2024 plan has a chance to succeed is this administration is not seeking to start a SpaceX vs. Alabama war. They’re trying to give all stakeholders a chance to succeed. The architecture will be decided on the merits.

April is going to be a fun month for space nerds. April 4: Parker Solar Probe perihelion April 7ish: Falcon Heavy launch April 11: Beresheet lunar landing attempt All month: Moon-2024 hearsay All month: Possible Starship hops I'm sure I'm missing lots of things.