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Suspect in Montreal stabbing had just been released from federal prison

For the IL Hebrew speakers out there. Québec in Israeli news today 😎 Visit Montréal, you’ll love it ☺️

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The small Quebec community of Amqui is still reeling following the tragic events of Monday afternoon, when a vehicle struck and killed two people and injured nine others. @BraydenJagger  joins @AntonyRobart  from Montreal for the latest.

Montreal's apology for illegal police tactics is hard to find, former protesters say

Montreal priests among those deemed 'credibly accused' of sexual assault of minors

Montreal driver leads police on 12-kilometre chase

Montreal ranked as the best city in the world for students

Avalanche hands Canadiens seventh consecutive loss, burying Montreal

Drake is coming to Montreal's Bell Centre on July 14


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City buses, police vehicle and salt truck collide on slippery roads in Montreal this morning. Submitted by Willem Shepherd.

What happened is scientists discovered chlorofluorocarbons were bad for the ozone, countries believed them, the Montreal Protocol was signed, and CFC use fell by 99.7%, leading to the stabilization of the ozone layer, perhaps the greatest example of global cooperation in history.

I'm sending free ? to any monsters outside my hotel The William Gray Montréal ?. I love u so much & I'm so sorry u are the most loyal fans.

I love Toronto soooooooo much. and there were so many people from Montreal too ✨✨✨✨. I just love Canada

I look forward to coming back to Montreal in the future to do a proper show but I will not be able to attend 2day due to this breach. Thanks

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., wearing his dad's old number, just hit a walk-off home run to end the Blue Jays' spring training ... in Montreal.


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Montreal due to the promoter of today's event breaking his contract and lying I will not be able to attend today's event. I'm sorry