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“This is good news and a sign that we are moving in the right direction,” wrote Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante on social media.

I'm certainly not claiming to know for sure what's risky and what's not. But I'm not sure anywhere else in the world has closed restaurants for longer than Toronto or Montreal with less payoff.

“The fanaticism of Portuguese chicken does not exist in other cities,” he says. “It is very much a Montreal thing.”

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Montreal you guys were incredible ... honestly one of the loudest shows this year. Loved it ! Thanks

Montreal! Unbelievable gig! One of my favourites of the whole tour from the start! U were incredible!

Montreal such an amazing gig thank you so much as I said tonight can't believe I get to do this everyday thank you x

I look forward to coming back to Montreal in the future to do a proper show but I will not be able to attend 2day due to this breach. Thanks

MONTREAL MONTREAL!! that was a show. thank you...CANADA thank you. be back in a couple of days for TORONTO!!

Montreal.. you are an animal! That was unbelievably loud!! Thank you so much x

Montreal due to the promoter of today's event breaking his contract and lying I will not be able to attend today's event. I'm sorry

Look at how excited _darraghdaly is to be here in Montreal ! We're buzzin