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Montenegro and Serbia expel each other’s ambassadors

The diplomatic incident between Montenegro and Serbia adds to already tense relations between the Balkan states that were part of the same country until an independence referendum in 2006.

Serbia and Montenegro have each booted out the other's ambassador. Why? Find out here 👇

#UPDATE  MERSMontenegro and Serbia expelled each other's ambassadors, both countries' foreign ministries said, in a move likely further to strain already tense relations between two former Yugoslav republics

The Montenegrin Foreign Ministry cited "long and continuous meddling in the internal affairs of Montenegro" as the reason it declared Serbian Ambassador Vladimir Bozovic persona non grata.

#Montenegro declared #Serbia 's ambassador persona non grata for interfering in internal affairs. Serbia followed suit for Montenegro's ambassador.


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Awkward moment when Pres. Trump appears to push the Prime Minister of Montenegro out of the way at NATO conference.

yes, very good connecting of the dots. Where is Trump getting his odd, and false, ideas about Belarus, Montenegro, and, most recently, Afghanistan? The only possible sources are all Russian.

We don’t all that was discussed in Helsinki, but everything we think we know — referendum in Ukraine , US commitment to NATO (Montenegro) and offering up Americans to be interrogated by Kremlin as suspected criminals— was horrible for US interests. #NoMoreSummits .

Did Putin - who attempted a coup in Montenegro in 2016 - raise this with Trump in their one-on-one? Here Trump describes them as “very aggressive” people who may do something provocative.

One can debate treaties and the Western alliance, I suppose, but if folks are wondering why Americans should defend Montenegro, know that Montenegrins are fighting in the US war in Afghanistan because we were attacked on 9/11. In other words — they’re already defending us.

I wasn't convinced in the beginning, but Serbia now confirms Russian coup attempt in Montenegro. Remarkable.

Montenegro shoved aside (literally), Duterte praised for murder campaign, Erdogan thugs beat protesters in US. Is this making America great?

Trump physically brushed past Montenegro’s prime minister at a NATO gathering