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But there is concern that new workplace flexibility could hold women back professionally. It could put them on what’s long been called the “mommy track," where companies give employees flexibility in time off but don't give them promotions or advance them:

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Questions that make me go hmmm: Her: “Mommy, does the sun have a mom and a dad?” Me: “Hmmm. Yes, God.” Her: “God must have a lot of snacks.” Me: “You think so?” Her: “Yes, because you need a lot of snacks to be big and strong.” #novaknows  #yearofjoy 

Surfbort, a Brooklyn-based punk band, was added to the line-up that was already headlined by of Montreal, Soccer Mommy and American Aquarium.

New post: Muk Luks Mommy and Me Leggings only $6.99 + shipping!

I don't know what I hear but I hear something is that you mommy? RT *kwilli1046 This little guy hears for the very first time. His smile says it all! Rt *ForcedHappenst1 *ladoodle_pwalla

'Daddy shot mommy': 3-year-old daughter exposes man's claim wife killed herself

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"We’re no longer just husband and wife, we’re ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy.’”

The son will ask, "Where is Mommy?" to which the dad answers "In the sky." 💔 Here is what the dad is doing to keep his late wife's legacy alive.

'I miss my mommy': Family grieves after mother is killed during the holiday season

‘Daddy ShotMommy’: 3-Year-Old Daughter Who Witnessed Alleged Murder Blows Up Texas Man’s Claim That His Wife Shot Herself in the Head


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So today I didn’t realize I was off mute and told the Democratic Caucus (including a couple recent presidential candidates) that “...mommy is working honey, please go potty and wash your hands then mommy will come downstairs.” How’s your working from home going? ??‍♀️

This mommy let’s Santa know that her daughter is hearing-impaired and he takes care of the rest...

This little girl pretending to like mommy’s cooking is the Twitter content I’m here for...????

This baby laughing at mommy fake-sneezing is the Twitter content I’m here for...?❤️?❤️

Baby Trout due August 2020!! I don’t even know where to begin....from seeing your heartbeat for the first time to seeing you dance around in mommy’s belly... we are truly blessed and this is only the beginning!!

She said she was posing like Mommy ?

This sister feeding her brother his breakfast and asking him repeatedly , “Like it?” is the Twitter content I’m here for. Wait for the arm-rub. She’ll be a great mommy someday.?❤️

Luna is now at the age where she can reliably run and go grab something for Mommy and Daddy in another room. I'm looking forward to exploiting this