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We asked GPT-3 to write a Modern Love column. It wrote dozens; like all romances, some turned out better than others. 

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Science Times asked GPT-3, the latest A.I. natural-language model, to write a Modern Love column. It wrote dozens; like all romances, some turned out better than others.

This "Modern Love" submission is so tender it almost makes you forget that it was written by artificial intelligence

as a vicious personal attack on anyone who has ever lived in Brooklyn or considered themselves a writer, the @nytimes  used AI to produce some Modern Love columns:

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“I blame the luxury of occasionally forgetting my mother was dead on my grandmother and how good she was at being a mother to me,” Rachael Cusick writes in Modern Love.

Here's the etymology of the word: (12c., Modern French philosophie) and directly from Latin philosophia, from Greek philosophia "love of knowledge, pursuit of wisdom; systematic investigation"

When Rachael Cusick's mother died young, her grandmother stepped in. "Now I fear losing her, too," she writes in our Modern Love column.

Originally released in 2011 Shuya Okino's 'Still In Love' is a modern day classic. New remix package out today on @glitterboxibiza  includin @KyodaiMusic  the @natashadiggs  mix dropped in her virtual set plus reworks @originalDjSpenf @alaiagallo @thereflexmusicom  & Dr Packer.

Feel the love vibration with Gerd Janson's "Modern Romance" chart 🌹

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Originally released in 2011 Shuya Okino's 'Still In Love' is a modern day classic & still a hugely in-demand cut. @natashadiggs  dropped the @KyodaiMusic  mix during her Defected stream. This is out on @glitterboxibiza  Friday as part of a new remix package


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"My husband was trying to tell me I was 'the only one' for him," Patric Gagne writes in Modern Love. "Don’t lie to a liar," she told him. "It wasn’t a very romantic reply, I’ll admit. But I’m not a romantic. I’m a sociopath."

Why do all online recipes have endless pages of the chef’s whole life story about the recipe and then on the 12th page is the actual recipe? I just want the recipe! I don’t need the Modern Love essay on how you came up with it!

@LiamPayne  knows a lot about what it means to be in a relationship in the spotlight. He talked to us about what he’s learned, and what love means to him now. WELCOME TO #MTVVOLUME , a series of stories about love in the modern age:

Surprise: is our January cover star! Here is an exclusive sneak peek at her cover shoot; plus, read our full interview with Chopra on her and 's modern-day love story, her boundary-breaking career, and more:

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I’m proud to commit $40.9M in @USDOT  funding to Milwaukee’s East-West Bus Rapid Transit project. Bringing modern transit to the region’s most critical corridor and spur millions in economic development. Love Wisconsin! @RideMCTS 

This month, our Modern Love column turns 15. This weekend also marks the release of a TV series, inspired by the column, on Amazon Prime Video. To celebrate both, Modern Love’s editor @danjonesnyt  pulled together these 25 essential Modern Love essays ❤️

Black Pink gear up as modern tomb raiders in 'Kill This Love' group poster

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@Diddy : #DAYTONA  by @PUSHA_T  is a classic! A Modern day masterpiece love DIDDY #TakeDat "

Modern anxiety, clinical love.

I love angry, god fearing men in power imposing ancient myth-induced morality on what modern women can and can't do with their own bodies.