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Senate Confirmation 2021 Yellen 84-15 2017 Mnuchin 53-47* *Mnuchin’s confirmation was “slow walked” out to Feb 13. As Media and Clinton “illegitimate” calls surged.

Congrats to Janet Yellen. If she's half the Treasury Secretary that Mnuchin was, we'll be ok. Mnuchin's ability to get a deal done in March, as well as helping create the Paycheck Protection Program, saved countless jobs and businesses. @stevenmnuchin1  @JanetYellen 

In 2016, then-Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew decided to make Harriet Tubman the new face of the $20 bill. Then, in 2019, mnuchin'>Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced a reversal to that decision.

The $100 bill should contain a drawing of Trump in prison after he is lawfully convicted and sentenced and exhausts appeals. It should have the words “don’t do crime” across the top. It should be signed by Mnuchin. Individually, for punishment.

Geithner was confirmed as Treasury Secretary on Jan 26 2009 in a 60 to 34 vote. Mnuchin was confirmed Feb 13 2017 in a 53 to 47 vote. Yellen is set to be confirmed this afternoon by a wide margin after clearing the Finance Committee unanimously last week.

Janet Yellen is open to a weaker dollar and wants to be tough on China. Doesn't sound all that different from Mnuchin, writes @DanielMossDC 

Janet Yellen is open to a weaker dollar and wants to be tough on China. Doesn't sound all that different from Mnuchin, writes @DanielMossDC  via @bopinion 

Some of the Yellen language on OECD/digital service taxes is vague, talking about multilateral approaches and what-not. This response to Cornyn is a bit more pointed, and in line with the Mnuchin-Grassley-Wyden view.

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S&P 500 e-mini futures now trading in positive territory, last up 0.1% Looks like Mnuchin left some limit orders as his parting gift


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During this holiday, I didn't get to visit my folks in Montana like I usually do, or go golfing in Florida, or skiing in Colorado or relax at a resort home in Mexico. But I helped pay for Trump, Pence, and Mnuchin to do so. And it really pisses me off. They couldn't wait 3 weeks?

Mnuchin—>Yellen Pompeo—>Blinken O’Brien—>Sullivan Craft—>Thomas-Greenfield Meadows—>Klain set policy aside enormous differences in knowledge, experience, competence, skills that governing requires

I’ve known @RepKatiePorter  since she was a law student in my bankruptcy class 20 years ago. To answer your snotty question, Sec. Mnuchin: not only is Rep. Porter a lawyer, she can run circles around you and any of your legally questionable and morally bankrupt policy failures.

Please don't spread this video of a student being dragged away by cops as she accuses mnuchin'>Steven Mnuchin of engaging in "the politics of fascism." Mnuchin asked UCLA not to post it. Thank you.

To: Hon. Nancy Pelosi Trump says he won't appoint an independent Inspector General to oversee how he and Mnuchin disperse the $500 billion in bailout money, despite the legislation. Please hold up funding until he does.

Wrong, never even discussed this with Kellyanne Conway or Steve Mnuchin. Just more Fake News!

Dear Headline Writers: Mnuchin is not “declining a request.” He’s breaking the law.

When Mnuchin makes mistakes on complicated paperwork, he asks for forgiveness. When his customers made mistakes, he took their homes.

last fall: mnuchin'>Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says “Not only will this tax plan pay for itself but it will pay down debt,” boosting revenue/cutting deficits through growth, reduced corporate tax avoidance this fall: Treasury reports 2018 deficit up 17%, corporate tax payments down 31%

Mnuchin doesn't believe the federal government should pay for Meal on Wheels, but he does think taxpayers should pony up for his honeymoon.