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A group of Black employees at the U.S. Mint wrote a letter in June asking Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to intervene and address what they say is “rampant racism” at the bureau

Treasury has opened an investigation into allegations of racial harassment and discrimination at the U.S. Mint after Black employees asked mnuchin'>Secretary Mnuchin to address what they say is “rampant racism” via @WSJ 

Sources: mnuchin'>Steven Mnuchin is attempting to push through a TikTok deal enabling it to retain some Chinese ownership, despite security concerns from lawmakers (Washington Post)

The new company, which would be called TikTok Global, according to mnuchin'>Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, will be the result of a transaction forced by President Donald Trump last month

Mnuchin has been lobbying hard for a deal in which TikTok outsources data management to Oracle while allowing TikTok to keep ties with its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, sources tell @nakashimae  @rachelerman  @JStein_Vox 

Mnuchin continues to push for a TikTok deal that would allow the app to retain some Chinese ownership, despite opposition in the Senate and WH. by @nakashimae  @rachelerman  @JStein_Vox 

Mnuchin pushes forward on TikTok deal despite opposition. The deal would let the U.S. government approve the company’s board and require TikTok to plan to go public via @nakashimae , @rachelerman  and @JStein_Vox 

As I expressed in my letter to Sec. Mnuchin, any deal between Oracle and ByteDance that fails to address national security concerns should be rejected. The Chinese Communist Party uses platforms like #TikTok  for propaganda or espionage.


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Your daily reminder that mnuchin'>Steve Mnuchin thinks a few hundred bucks in unemployment benefits makes American workers lazy, but billions in bailouts for Wall Street and corporations is good for the economy.

Please don't spread this video of a student being dragged away by cops as she accuses mnuchin'>Steven Mnuchin of engaging in "the politics of fascism." Mnuchin asked UCLA not to post it. Thank you.

Let’s be clear: mnuchin'>Secretary Mnuchin is part of the most corrupt administration in history riddled with conflicts, cronyism, & incompetence. It’s absurd that he believes he should hand out more than $500 billion of taxpayers funds in secret.

To: Hon. Nancy Pelosi Trump says he won't appoint an independent Inspector General to oversee how he and Mnuchin disperse the $500 billion in bailout money, despite the legislation. Please hold up funding until he does.

Mnuchin: “What I find inappropriate is at the time VP Biden’s son did significant biz in Ukraine & should be further investigated.” @jaketapper : So it’s ok for Trump’s kids to do biz all over the world while Trump is POTUS? Mnuchin: “I dont want to go more into these details.”

Wrong, never even discussed this with Kellyanne Conway or Steve Mnuchin. Just more Fake News!

Dear Headline Writers: Mnuchin is not “declining a request.” He’s breaking the law.

When Mnuchin makes mistakes on complicated paperwork, he asks for forgiveness. When his customers made mistakes, he took their homes.

last fall: mnuchin'>Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says “Not only will this tax plan pay for itself but it will pay down debt,” boosting revenue/cutting deficits through growth, reduced corporate tax avoidance this fall: Treasury reports 2018 deficit up 17%, corporate tax payments down 31%

Mnuchin doesn't believe the federal government should pay for Meal on Wheels, but he does think taxpayers should pony up for his honeymoon.